Haircuts lunar calendar for May 2020

The whole person is a bunch of energy, but hair has long been revered as a concentration of strength. Such a reverent attitude towards them was still in biblical times. Our Slavic ancestors used the lunar calendar.

In the modern world, by and large, everything remains the same. The lunar haircut calendar for May 2020 will tell you when you can cut your hair not only without harm, but also with benefit. Improve, make them stronger, stop falling out - all this can be found in the table below.

The calendar

According to our table, you can understand when to cut hair in May 2020, and when it is strictly prohibited.

Date / Day of the weekLunar phases / Zodiac signEnergy of the dayAstrological recommendation
1 / FridayGrowing / lion
2 / SaturdayGrowing / VirgoOverall auspicious dayThe growing moon in Virgo is a godsend for hair and hairdressers by masters. Hair after hair cutting grows fast, healthy and strong. Paints are successful, they last a long time. Even perm is held in a gentle mode, and curls hold for a long time.
3 / SundayGrowing / VirgoOverall auspicious day
4 / MondayGrowing / ScalesOverall auspicious day
5 / TuesdayGrowing / ScalesOverall auspicious dayOn this day, wellness procedures, masks will favorably affect the condition of the hair. But the haircut is not always happy. Hair can become moody and naughty. Extreme painting is also not welcome.
6 / WednesdayGrowing / Scorpio
7 / ThursdayFull Moon / Scorpio
8 / FridayWaning / SagittariusNot auspicious dayIt is not recommended to deal with hair on this day. A haircut will not please you with its shape for long. Hair will grow back quickly and become naughty. Coloring can spoil the structure of the hair and give it a dull look. Perm will quickly lose elasticity and the hair will straighten.
9 / SaturdayWaning / Sagittarius
10 / SundayWaning / SagittariusHair after cutting will grow quickly, but will be moody and fluffy. Painting is also not recommended. For a good result you need a great mood both yours and the master. Only in this case will the result please you.
11 / MondayWaning / Capricorn
12 / TuesdayWaning / CapricornOverall auspicious dayThis day's haircut will be successful, bringing shine, strength and energy to your hair. Painting will also be successful and the shade will last a long time.
13 / WednesdayWaning / AquariusOverall auspicious day
14 / ThursdayWaning / Aquarius.
15 / FridayWaning / PiscesNot auspicious dayHair cutting on this day is not recommended. The scalp may suffer, dandruff may appear. Coloring is also able to harm your hair, ruin the structure, make them brittle and weak. The most suitable occupation for hair is wellness treatments. They will go well, especially in weak and damaged hair.
16 / SaturdayWaning / Pisces
17 / SundayWaning / PiscesNot auspicious dayA haircut on this day will only harm your hair. Perm does not last long. The scalp is at risk. A trip to the hairdresser is better to exclude, in addition to cosmetic and nourishing procedures for scalp hair.
18 / MondayWaning / Aries /
19 / TuesdayWaning AriesThe waning moon in Aries does not favor a haircut on this day. Hair runs the risk of becoming brittle and split.
20 / WednesdayWaning / Taurus
21 / ThursdayWaning / TaurusOverall auspicious dayGreat day for cutting and painting gray hair. Color, gloss and power are guaranteed.
22 / FridayNew Moon / Taurus
23 / SaturdayGrowing / GeminiAuspicious dayA good day for painting, perm - a stable result is guaranteed. Hair cutting is perfectly acceptable on this day.
24 / SundayGrowing / Gemini
25 / MondayGrowing / CancerNourishing masks, restoration on this day will give your hair strength, strength and shine.
26 / TuesdayGrowing / CancerOverall auspicious day
27 / WednesdayGrowing / lionAuspicious dayHaircuts in the days of the Growing Moon and in the sign of Leo guarantee you a successful haircut. Your hair will become strong and thick. And you yourself will be filled with energy. Also on this day, all hair treatments are welcome: painting, keratirovka, toning. Unless curling should be abandoned today.
28 / ThursdayGrowing / lionAuspicious day
29 / FridayGrowing / lion
30 / SaturdayGrowing / VirgoOverall auspicious dayA great day for recovery procedures. Haircuts will delight your hair. Paints and curls will delight you with their color and gloss for a long time.
31 / SundayGrowing / Virgo


If you cut your hair on the wrong day, a person loses vitality - they believed. Thus, human life is also shortened. It was very important the day when it was allowed for the first time to trim the child. It is still believed that the problem of an early balding man is to choose an unfavorable day for the first haircut in childhood.

The most favorable days for a haircut in May 2020 are 23.27 and 28. On these days, most often, hair can not only be successfully trimmed, but also dyed and moisturized, nourishing. These dates are described in more detail in the table. Not good days for haircuts in May are: 8, 15, and 17 numbers.

See video with tips on when to cut your hair:

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