New Year 2020 in Finland

The 2020 New Year tour to Finland is a great opportunity to spend the winter holidays in the native places of Santa Claus himself. You can stroll through the festive fairs and plunge into the fabulous atmosphere. Usually during this period there is a slight frost, about -10 ºС, which nips the cheeks, but does not cause discomfort when walking. Therefore, it is not surprising that many Russians in the first days of January prefer Finland to Belarusian and Baltic resorts.

How to celebrate the New Year?

Trips to the country of Suomi are always very diverse, so any company can choose the most suitable route for itself. Holidays in Finland in the winter of 2020 can be done in different ways:

  • Take part in mass celebrations in the capital.
  • Rent a cottage in Lapland.
  • Go to one of the famous ski resorts.
  • View sights.
  • Take a ride on a sled, snowmobile or dog sled.
  • And much, much more.

Winter Finland becomes a real tourist mecca. Guides, employees of shopping centers, hotel staff - almost everyone knows Russian very well, so there will be no problems with the language barrier.

Helsinki New Year

The anticipation that Christmas holidays and the New Year in Finland 2020 will soon come will make the capital even more attractive. The old buildings will be lit up with elegant lanterns, the streets will be decorated with bright garlands, and store windows will begin to offer buyers figurines in the form of Bible heroes and fairy tales. The main festival is always held on Senate Square, where a few hours before the clock strikes 12 times, thousands of residents gather.

For everyone there is an opportunity to take part in the entertainment:

  • Listen to the congratulations of the mayor.
  • Take part in contests.
  • Round dance.
  • View performance.
  • Listen to the performances of music groups.

The highlight of the holiday in Finland for New Year 2020 will be the fireworks of magical beauty. Also, not far from the square with festivities, a small fair will be held, offering everyone to warm up with hot coffee or tea, as well as a glass of mulled wine.

But the Finns have very strict alcohol - you cannot take it with you. And if you decide to disobey the law, then get ready to pay a large fine. The only thing you can hope for is that they will simply take you out of the square under the supervision of a convoy.

In the capital of Finland there are a lot of restaurants, bars, cafeterias, but almost all close at 02:00. All New Year's Eve, only a few nightclubs will work. Entrance will be paid, but it is unlikely that you will find at least one free place in these institutions. The average bill is 100-300 euros. It depends on the elite of the institution and the ordered dishes.

Country house rental

Many tourists decide to rent 2020 cottages for Finland's New Year. This happens every winter break. A nature house will allow you to meet the holiday in tranquility, close to relatives and loved ones. The country of Suomi is famous for its virgin nature and bewitching landscapes that remain in memory for many years. If you want to truly relax, you can consider Lapland, which is located next to the Arctic Circle. On its territory there are various resorts with different types of rental cottages.

Absolutely in every resort you can find a Finnish bathhouse or sauna - a place where, according to the indigenous people of this country, not only the body, but also the soul is cleansed. In the houses usually have appliances, dishes, internet. Some cottages are also equipped with a small gym, cable TV, children's playrooms, and a billiard room. Also, if you wish, you can rent a sled or ski.

In Finland, for the New Year 2020, house prices will rise substantially. A week stay in fabulous Lapland will cost more than 1000 euros, and only for rent. But if you divide this amount into several travelers, then vacation can be quite budgetary. The area of ​​almost all houses is more than 70 square meters, thanks to this, 2-3 families are comfortably accommodated in them.

Finland and skiing

Have a rest in the country of Suomi without skiing? It is unthinkable! The Finns have built many complexes for outdoor enthusiasts. Here are the most popular:

  • Luosto.
  • Levy.
  • Tahko.
  • Pello
  • Himos.

So, the Luosto ski slopes are right in the heart of Lapland. The stunning nature of the park, the various difficulty of the slopes is a real paradise for skiers.

In addition, the complex boasts separate tracks for snowboarding and a special area for beginners. Dog sledding or sleigh rides with deer are also offered, thanks to which the New Year in Finland 2020 with children will leave a lot of vivid impressions about the rest.

Offers of tour operators

Tours to Suomi are completely different. Those who want to spend the winter holidays in Santa’s homeland can consider several options:

  • Hotel.
  • Ski resort.
  • Country house.
  • Shopping

Almost all tour operators offer a combination of these methods. For example, settle in a hotel and go shopping, or rent a cottage and go skiing. The cost of the trip is due to several factors: remoteness, number of hotel stars, entertainment program. Most of all, the rest will cost the population of the southern and Far Eastern regions of the Russian Federation. And the cheapest tours to Finland for the New Year 2020 will be for residents of St. Petersburg and the capital of Russia.

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