Perfume day in 2020

Believers are well aware of what number of Spirits will be in 2020, as this is one of the largest and most revered Orthodox holidays. And although it appeared many centuries ago, traditions and customs have survived to this day. They are passed down from generation to generation and are vainly respected, especially in small towns and villages.

When celebrated

Spirits day or the day of the Holy Spirit is included in the holidays of Easter. These include holidays that are somehow related to Easter, the Resurrection and Ascension of the Lord. In this regard, it does not have a fixed date.

According to church canons, it is celebrated on the 51st day after Easter or on Monday after the Trinity. To independently calculate when there will be a Day of Spirits, it is enough to know the date of the celebration of Easter. In this case, you will have to count 7 weeks and see what date the next Monday falls.

In 2020, Spirits day falls on June 8, since Orthodox Christians will celebrate the Trinity on June 7.


The holiday takes its beginning in ancient times, when the apostles lived. It is dedicated to the descent of the Holy Spirit on earth to the followers of Jesus Christ on the 50th day after the Holy Resurrection of Christ. At the request of the Master, the apostles gathered in the Zion chamber for general prayer. Suddenly, heaven erupted, and a bright flame consecrated the earth. The tongues of fire did not burn the followers of Christ, but filled them from within. It is believed that in the form of a flame the Holy Spirit descended to earth.

After the incident, the Lord awarded the apostles a unique opportunity to speak different languages ​​so that they could carry faith and enlightenment to the masses across all peoples and countries. In addition, the disciples of Christ began to heal people from diseases and perform other miracles. Believers began to celebrate the descent of the Holy Spirit, and this tradition has survived to this day.

Traditions and customs

Church and pagan roots were closely intertwined in the day of the Holy Spirit. Before the adoption of Christianity on this day in Russia celebrated the birth of the earth. And although new customs came, pagan traditions and rituals remained. On this day, women always went into the field, laid out pieces of food everywhere and sprinkled with soil. So they caddled the earth so that it gave a good harvest.

The morning of believers necessarily begins with prayer and going to church. On Spirits Day, Christians glorify the Lord, His Son, and the Holy Spirit. They sing songs of praise and pray for relatives who live and have left for another world. After awakening, they must wash themselves with sacred water and spray the house with it in order to cleanse themselves and their homes from evil spirits.

Birch - the main symbol of the holiday

After the service, the faithful carry the consecrated birch branches home. This is one of the oldest traditions of the Spirit of the day, which will continue in 2020. Usually brought branches are placed near the icons. It is believed that the souls of the dead sit on them, who fly to visit relatives on a holiday.

Sometimes they are laid out throughout the house - near the doors and on the windowsills, to protect the housing from evil. If someone is sick in the house, then the branches are burned, and the patient is fumigated with smoke to expel the illness from it, or they prepare a decoction and drink the sick person.

Interesting! It is believed that in the Spirits of the day medicinal herbs acquire incredible healing power, therefore they are collected and harvested for the future. To do this, they should be dried in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

Remembering the dead

On Spirits Day, believers honor the memory of deceased relatives. Do it like this:

  1. In the cemetery are fresh flowers and birch branches from the church, which are placed on crosses.
  2. Light candles on graves.
  3. They pray for the souls of the deceased in a temple, at home, or in a cemetery.
  4. They light candles for the repose of the soul in the church.

On this day, in many churches, a prayer service is held for the souls of people who died in a foreign land or were buried without the funeral of a priest.

What is forbidden to do

Knowing how many Spirits a day is in 2020, you will be able to properly plan your time and abandon things that are prohibited. The following cannot be done on this holiday:

  1. Dig, loosen, or otherwise cultivate the land. It is worth abandoning any work in the garden or in the garden. You can’t even hammer in pegs so as not to anger the earth.
  2. Sweeping the house. Otherwise, you can sweep away all the joy and family well-being.
  3. Perform any physical work in the house or in the yard - wash, chop, mow, etc. This day should be devoted to rest and prayers, repent and cleanse the soul of sins.
  4. Quarrel and quarrel. Most priests agree that work is not such a terrible sin as a quarrel.

Women can prepare a festive meal for the household. You can serve any goodies on the table. There are no prohibitions in this regard. During prayer before eating, family members always remember the dead. So they honor their memory.