LCD Ivanteyevka in 2020

At the moment, the construction contractor GK Kron-M and the developer Cossack Trading House are jointly building the modern residential complex Ivanteevka 2020. Despite its name, the LCD will be commissioned only in the 3rd quarter of 2022. This project “comfort class” promises to be a real find for those who place above all the convenience of apartments, the quality of development and proximity to social infrastructure. So what interesting can Ivanteevka 2020 LCD offer to potential buyers?

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"Ivanteevka 2020" will be located at Moscow Region, the city of regional subordination Ivanteevka, st. Factory. From here you can easily get to the capital. To do this, you need to use:

  • railway station "Ivanteevka-2", located a 12-minute walk from the residential complex;
  • a bus stopping at a special stop 7 minutes walk from the residential complex;
  • personal vehicle (Yaroslavskoe highway is a 2-5 minute drive away, and Moscow is a 30-40 minute drive away).

Interesting fact! It is possible that in the near future near the "Ivanteevka 2020" they will build the line of the light metro Mytishchi-Reutov.

The center of the residential complex is a modern monolithic new building with a variable number of storeys (from 15 to 17) and designed for 594 apartments. The building is being built on an individual project using proven, high-quality and durable materials. The features of the house include:

  • ventilated facade made of a mixture of ceramics and granite;
  • the presence of non-combustible insulation - insulation rockwool "Rockwool;
  • PVC windows with double glazing and ventilation valves;
  • balconies with panoramic glazing;
  • places for installing air conditioning in each living room.

In addition, the new building will be equipped with all the necessary communication systems. These include:

  • water supply with sufficient pressure;
  • sewerage and drain;
  • central heating;
  • electricity from a separate electrical substation of a residential complex;
  • TV and Internet;
  • garbage chute (garbage collection chambers do not border on living quarters, therefore residents can always enjoy peace and quiet);
  • ventilation mechanisms - supply and exhaust;
  • 2 elevators in each staircase, which will deliver a person not only to the desired floor, but also to the underground parking (previously, not a single house was built in the city with a similar technological solution).


In Ivanteevka 2020, bright and spacious apartments and studios are offered for purchase, having different layouts and belonging to different price categories. In total in the new building there are:

  • 94 studios;
  • 340 one-room apartments;
  • 112 two-room apartments;
  • 48 three-room apartments.

The main emphasis is on the kitchen and the room itself: the former have an area of ​​at least 10 square meters. m., and the second - an area of ​​14 to 22 square meters. m. The sufficiency of the footage is a convenient tool for redevelopment and zoning. This is suitable for both single and family people who want to rationally use the available space. Apartments and LCD studios do not have a fine finish, but are already equipped with metal entrance doors and double-glazed windows.

Property for sale in Ivanteevka 2020 residential complex is available at the following prices:

  1. Studios (from 24.2 to 34.9 sq. M.) - from 1.3 million rubles. up to 1.85 million rubles. respectively.
  2. One-room apartments (from 38.6 to 54.3 sq. M.) - from 1.93 million rubles. up to 2.7 million rubles.
  3. Two-room apartments (from 63.2 to 74 sq. M.) - from 3.03 million rubles. up to 3.5 million rubles.
  4. Three-room apartments (from 81.7 to 85.8 sq. M.) - from 3.76 million rubles. up to 3.94 million rubles.


LCD "Ivanteevka 2020" is located at the very beginning of the landscaped boulevard. At local city forums, it is noted that this zone belongs to one of the best areas, and is also located near many important infrastructure objects. So, within a radius of 1-2 km. from a future new building are found:

  • 3 schools, one of which is only 300 m from the house;
  • 5 kindergartens;
  • Ivanteevka Central Hospital;
  • children Hospital;
  • City Administration;
  • the already mentioned railway station;
  • park of culture and rest;
  • cinema;
  • Museum of Local Lore;
  • sports complex with 2 pools;
  • large supermarkets.

As the developer notes, families do not have to worry about the overload of schools and kindergartens. However, users of forums dedicated to the city and the future Ivanteevka 2020 residential complex warn that in reality the situation may be different: if you enroll in school, then you will most likely have problems with enrolling in kindergarten. Today, several new buildings are being built and put into operation in the village, which leads to congestion of institutions and the formation of queues. But it’s known that all educational institutions are located in convenient places: to reach them, neither the parent nor the child will need to cross busy roads, intersections and railway lines.

The developer decided not only to take advantage of the existing benefits of Ivanteevka, but also to bring something of his own to the city. That is why it was decided to create a two-level underground parking for residents with smoke removal, sound absorption, fire extinguishing systems and reliable security installations. The parking lot will also be equipped with extended parking spaces for people with disabilities. In addition, the developer took as many as 12 premises of the first floor of the new building for commercial needs - over time, shops, pharmacies, beauty salons and offices will be opened here. This will make the residential complex even more autonomous.

The adjacent area will also be cozy and landscaped. There will appear 2 safe areas with a soft coating for children, 3 sports fields and recreation areas for adults. The developer will consolidate all this by conducting large-scale landscaping - 2846 sq. M. m. around the new buildings will be decorated with lawns, flower beds, shrubs and trees!

Buying Methods

Although the deadline for commissioning the housing complex is suitable only after 4 years, the sale of real estate is carried out by the developer now. The purchase of an apartment or studio is possible by concluding an agreement on participation in shared construction - this procedure is regulated by Federal Law No. 214-FZ. You can pay for your accommodation in one of the following ways:

  1. Mortgage. The developer Cossack Trading House entered into a partnership with the largest Russian banks - Sberbank (mortgage at 9.4% per annum), VTB (mortgage at 9.4% per annum), Gazprombank (mortgage at 9.2% per annum) ) Partial repayment of the mortgage amount through the use of maternity capital is possible. The developer promises to help a potential buyer in case of problems and difficulties with obtaining a loan (for example, associated with low official income, over the age of 50 years, etc.).
  2. Installment plan for 2 years. If the buyer immediately pays 50% of the cost of housing, then no additional interest is charged. If he contributes 30% of the cost of housing, then the price for each square meter increases by 2000 rubles.

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