Horoscope for 2020 for Libra

Libra is a sign of the air element, whose patrons are Saturn and Venus. They like to weigh and evaluate everything, value beauty and harmony, among them there are many talented and gifted people. 2020 is preparing a lot of unusual things for Libra, but it will be calmer than the previous one and will provide an opportunity to relax. Year of the White Metal Rat - an opportunity to achieve their goals, showing stamina and ingenuity.

General characterization

Being the only inanimate symbol, Libra has the fortitude and strong will to win. Their best personal characteristics are reliability and constancy, the ability to weigh the situation and demand from the surrounding calculations one hundred percent.

In all areas of life, this sign is looking for something better, trying to find an option that will satisfy it in all respects. Several points of view on one situation can unbalance the people around him. Acting in this way, Libra is trying to shift the responsibility to someone else or simply delay the decision.

Libra is a strong couple with Aquarius and Gemini - their relationship will be trusting, harmonious and lasting. The most passionate experience will give an affair with Scorpio, but it will quickly end.

What awaits Libra in 2020

Stormy 2019 The Yellow Pig is replaced by a smart and selective Rat. The absence of problems and calm everyday life can relax Libra, making them even bored. To avoid stagnation, make plans and implement them. At this time, you may encounter a misunderstanding of loved ones. Accept their flaws and do not conflict unnecessarily.

In the spring of 2020, the horoscope for Libra promises a lot of inspiration. You will take up the work with renewed vigor and prove to others your importance. There will be a lot of difficulties on your way, so be patient and optimistic. At some point, you will feel that the forces and nerves are almost at the limit. Try not to give up the work you started, to pull yourself together and make every effort. If you succeed, by the end of 2020 will skim the cream.

Already in the summer, life will become calmer, and you will devote more time to your family. You can even learn a new hobby or do what you love. Trips are foreseen at this time - perhaps it is time to go on vacation with your family? It is recommended that you do not spend time alone and communicate with interesting people as much as possible.

In the fall, try your best to strengthen your position at work. Probably a competitor wants to take your position. Show your abilities and devote as much time as possible to work. In December, things will get better and you can reap the benefits of your labors.

Horoscope for men

In general, the year for men will pass perfectly. A strong half of humanity, by virtue of its nature and intellectual abilities, can count on successes in the professional field and among the opposite sex. The horoscope for 2020 for Libra-men warns to be careful with its popularity in order to avoid problems in family life.

In the spring, work will capture all your attention - due to competition, you will have to spend a lot of time outside the home. This will affect conflicts and misunderstanding on the part of the second half. However, a well-deserved victory and improved financial situation will smooth all corners. In order not to break up on loved ones due to constant stress, go on vacation in early summer.

Lonely Libra will be consumed by passion at the end of spring. You will be completely carried away by the girl, having forgotten about all the problems. However, unfortunately, this relationship will not last very long.

Horoscope for women

The horoscope for 2020 for women Libra is very optimistic. Learn to trust yourself and your premonitions, do not pay attention to gossip. Self-confidence and hard work will give you new opportunities at work. Due to the expansion of obligations, try not to forget about hanging out with your family. When you feel that stress negatively affects your relationship with your lover, take a vacation immediately.

Single girls of this sign can meet their happiness in the year of the White Rat. To make these relationships last as long as possible, constantly add variety to them, surprise your partner even with trifles. Efforts and sleepless nights due to many things will bear fruit in the form of material rewards.

Love horoscope for 2020

The Year of the White Rat promises conflicting emotions and experiences. Libra will take turns feeling indifference and love, strong attraction and disgust. Scandals will be replaced by periods of happiness and harmony.

Lonely representatives of this sign will experience a lot of happiness. However, the White Rat is preparing a series of disappointments from the opposite sex. In May, you can fall in love and start a serious relationship. Family Libra will have a hard time dealing with spouses because of boring gray everyday life. Make efforts and bring variety, in particular pay attention to sexual life with a partner.

In mid-autumn, openly revealing feelings and discontent over trifles can lead to conflicts in the family. Probably one of you decided to make a major purchase without consulting. Later you will want to experiment with sex, but do not try to impose your unusual tastes on your partner.

Money Horoscope for 2020

To achieve success in the financial sector will help only hard work, diligence and following the goals. If you will responsibly do your job and not file in the case of "absence of a boss", by the end of 2020 you will be able to jump up the career ladder and significantly improve the financial situation of your family.

To achieve your plans, do not think to trick or use people without their consent. The rat does not like selfish deeds, therefore it will not give you gifts. This year you can’t expect big cash receipts, but the efforts made are more than returning money next year.

Career horoscope for 2020

At the beginning of the year, another employee may try to take your place. Therefore, do not relax and pay as much attention as possible to the detriment of the family. If you do everything right, you will be able to strengthen your position at work. In March-April, new responsibilities await you. Do not argue with your boss - if you deal with them, by the end of the year you will enjoy increased salaries.

You will be given freedom of action, but do not use it for your own purposes. Respect employees and subordinates. But do not follow their lead and do not allow yourself to be commanded. In the fall, you will have a chance to improve your skills and move to a higher position. Spend free time for self-development and learning.

Health horoscope for 2020

Until April, everything will be in order with your health and there is no need to worry about it. From the first days of 2020, you will feel a surge of strength and completely forget about fatigue. Well-being will be passed on to family members and you will be full of optimism and plans for the future.

However, already in May Libra expects a breakdown. At this time, try to make yourself a well-deserved vacation and leave away from the city bustle. You will gain strength and be ready for new achievements. All summer you will feel excellent - all diseases will bypass you.

In the fall you will be susceptible to colds, so try to take preventative measures: temper, consume vitamins and do more sports. If you go out into the street at least once warmly dressed, you risk falling into bed for a long time. In October-November, it is recommended to take a vacation for a few days in order to regain strength.

Celebrities born under the sign of Libra

The most famous Libra men are:

  • Mikhail Lermontov - a famous Russian playwright;
  • Sergey Yesenin - famous Russian poet;
  • Vladimir Putin - President of the Russian Federation;
  • Ray Charles - American music artist;
  • Jean-Claude Van Damme is a popular actor and martial artist.

The most famous Libra women are:

  • Margaret Thatcher - an influential politician, Prime Minister of Great Britain;
  • Bridget Bardot - French actress, animal rights activist;
  • Monica Bellucci is a popular actress;
  • Gwen Stefani is a popular singer;
  • Annie Leibowitz is an American celebrity photographer.

The Year of the White Rat has prepared many surprises and hopes for you. Be diligent and honest, and then you will expect improved financial well-being and new opportunities. Do not forget to diligently monitor your health and spend free time with your family.

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