Horoscope for the year 2020 by zodiac signs

Each coming year differs from its predecessor not only by a change in the numbers on the calendar, but also by a change in an animal patron. The White Metal Rat, an animal zealous, thrifty and non-conflict animal, was honored to patronize the new 2020th year. The coming year, many astrologers call the magic. Firstly, pair numbers converge in it - two deuces and two zeros. Secondly, in January begins the countdown of the new twelve-year-old according to the eastern calendar. And thirdly, the coming year is a leap year, causing particular awe among superstitious people with its unpredictability and complexity. Is this not a reason to look into the horoscope for 2020 by the signs of the zodiac and find out what surprises the magical White Rat has prepared for us?


Aries awaits a rather saturated life period, which is partly due to the energy and indomitable nature of this zodiac sign. But for everything to work out, you will have to direct your activity in the right direction, otherwise the entire energy potential will have a devastating effect. A year may begin with a period of apathy and fatigue, but it will not last long. Already at the beginning of spring, you can plan the implementation of global plans - this time for Aries, astrologers call the most successful. But in the second half of the year it will be more difficult to achieve success, therefore it is not worth postponing important matters for a long time. The most notable achievements of Aries will be achieved in the business and professional sphere. Entrepreneurs will strengthen their positions in business, and talented people will find practical application for their abilities. But in personal relationships in the year of the White Rat difficulties are expected, and it will be difficult to find mutual understanding both in the family and in the work collective. Have to pacify your straightforwardness and learn to listen to other people's opinions.

It will be difficult for free men and women born under the sign of Aries to build long-term romantic relationships. Family relations will undergo a difficult period - there will be a shortage of trust and personal freedom.


In the coming year, Taurus has a great chance to grab luck by the tail and finally realize their dream. But even if luck turns out to be capricious, a period of stability and financial prosperity awaits you. In the first half of the year there will be an opportunity to solve housing issues - from the purchase of new furniture to the acquisition of real estate. Closer to the beginning of autumn, you can engage in establishing relations, especially since the personal sphere in 2020 for Taurus will be a priority. Single men and women will finally be able to meet their fate, and family representatives of the sign will appreciate their halves more. Care should be taken to your own health - chronic pathologies can aggravate, which will unsettle you. By the middle of the year, it makes sense for men to take a short break to ponder their actions and plans. Women will be able to reveal their creative potential and find an interesting hobby.

Professional success awaits Taurus in the technical field. And if you plan to learn a new specialty, astrologers advise you to leave these plans for December. The same month is considered the most favorable for earnings and financial investments that promise impressive profits.


The Year of the Rat will be for Gemini a period filled with surprises. But you need to be prepared for the fact that not all of them will be pleasant. Astrologers recommend avoiding excessive stubbornness and even see in failures the potential for further development. Pay attention to self-education, learn from senior colleagues and comrades - and success will not take long. In the business sector, one of the most successful periods over the past few years is expected. There is an interesting business that will not only make a profit, but will also reveal its potential, thereby strengthening the position in its profession. By spring, there may be a slight deterioration in health associated with chronic stress. Particularly careful should be Taurus with a vulnerable nervous system - relax more and spend time in a circle of people who are pleasant to you.

White Rat in the coming year will bring changes for the better in his personal life. Romantic searches for lonely Aries will be successful, especially in mid-autumn. Just do not be afraid to take the first step and take risks. In the fall, stars are advised to recalculate the family budget. Surplus funds can be used to open your own business, which will help increase your income.


The coming year of the Rat prepared many important events for all the signs. And persons born under the zodiac constellation Cancer were no exception - this time will be intense, but ambiguous for them. Serious victories and deep disappointments are expected, and to achieve what you want, you will have to make a lot of effort. Astrologers advise relying on the support of friends and like-minded people - this will allow you to feel more confident and get rid of discomfort. The greatest success awaits the Crayfish in the field of romantic relations and the realization of creative potential. Even the most shy representatives of the sign will have excellent relations with the opposite sex, which promise to develop into a strong family union. Particularly successful in this regard will be the beginning and end of the year.

At the beginning of 2020, there is also a busy period of useful business acquaintances that can bring profitable financial cooperation. Cancers planning to change jobs should wait a while until the last quarter of the year. At the same time, large financial costs are expected, which may take most of the funds earned in the first half of the year. But health does not disappoint - in the year of the Rat, the Crayfish will feel great.

A lion

A number of unexpected events await representatives of the predatory sign, but they will all have a positive connotation. There will be a chance to climb the career ladder, but along the way you will have to show maximum vigilance and caution. There will be tension in working relations, which can shake your position in the team. The greatest reward for Lviv will be excellent health, which will serve as a good basis for moving forward - there will be plenty of strength and energy. In the spring months, you can count on the rapid growth of your professional achievements. But in the summer there is a high probability of errors, the correction of which will take the whole second half of the year. Business success will overtake you in September - you will have the opportunity to establish useful business contacts and expand your business.

Instability is characteristic of the financial sector. According to astrologers, you should take a more responsible approach to budgeting and carefully consider whether you can afford big expenses.

Men in the year of the Rat will feel disappointment in close relationships, which will push them to break. Women lionesses will be absorbed in daily chores. Only September will become a bright and eventful event, and in the remaining months it will be possible to work hard to grow as a professional.


For Virgins, the beginning of the eastern calendar cycle will be decisive and will be able to influence the next 12 years of life. The start of the year may seem unsuccessful, but further victories will strengthen the faith of the Maidens in themselves. Astrologers advise to develop new activities and start implementing plans in the second half of the year. However, nothing can be achieved without difficulty - you will have to do your best, and sometimes resort to the help of friends. The sphere of communication and personal relationships will be more stable than ever. No new iconic acquaintances are expected, but old friendships, professional and romantic ties will be strengthened. New Year for women-Dev will be marked by happiness and friendliness. At times, men will lack self-confidence, which can be an obstacle to the goal.

Representatives of this zodiac sign will face the biggest problems in the financial sector. For most of the year, revenues will be unsatisfactory, and only by the end of 2020 can we expect an increase in salaries or an increase in business profits. Concern will be easy to work in the first half of the year, but by the beginning of autumn, things will go up, and new projects will begin to bring first benefits.


Of all the twelve zodiac signs, Rat promises to be the calmest year for Libra. Life will be especially measured and successful at the beginning of the year, but already in the spring you will have to “roll up your sleeves” and begin implementing long-standing plans. The priority area in 2020 is professional and business relations. There is every chance to demonstrate your knowledge, experience and talent, which will allow you to get a dream job. For Libra women, the first half of the year will be stable - failure will pass by, and all the events that happen will only be happy. Libra men should think about their future - change hated jobs or unsuccessful housing. Since life priorities will shift to a career, in personal relationships can lie in wait for trouble. Misunderstandings with the second half, difficulties in relations with children and friends will begin. But to avoid quarrels and conflicts is quite realistic - more often compromise, learn to listen more and speak less.

Business horoscope promises big changes and attractive offers. Some Libra will be able to expand their sphere of influence and get a promotion. It is best to learn and improve skills in the fall - this is the most favorable time for self-development.


Not all that prepared the coming year of the Rat will appeal to Scorpions. Positive changes are expected in the business sphere, but on the personal front it is worth preparing for unpleasant surprises and troubles. Success will be achieved only by those Scorpions who seriously take care of themselves - they will learn to correctly plan their time, financial and energy costs. Thoughts will be filled with all sorts of ideas that promise to be successful if you can find a good sponsor. Scorpio women can safely count on success in the business sphere and expanding the circle of friends. Family and love will fade into the background, which may negatively affect personal life. Men in the year of the Rat will be easy to learn, so there is reason to think about getting a second education. Get rich in 2020 will not work, but there will be prospects for improving welfare in the future.

The most difficult period will be autumn - conflicts, setbacks in business, unforeseen expenses are not excluded. Much will depend on the well-being and energy balance of the Scorpions. Astrologers recommend that you do not overwork so that you have enough strength for new achievements.

In terms of love, Scorpios of both sexes will be prone to fleeting relationships that will bring nothing good. Therefore, it is better to concentrate on finding your “own” person or spend this time on family people and friends.


For Sagittarius, the year of the White rodent will be completely unpredictable. In January and February, you will have to demonstrate all your enterprise and self-discipline - they will be needed to solve serious problems. As for finance, the coming year will be more a period of investments than receiving dividends. You will have to give up a lot to form a good basis for future achievements. Astrologers especially warn Sagittarius businessmen - be forward-thinking and choose reliable partners to stay afloat. The love horoscope promises Sagittarius stability. It is better for couples to legitimize their relationship in the first half of the year. The same applies to couples who decide to leave - if the relationship cannot be saved, it is better to leave amicably before the summer.

The greatest rise in Sagittarius is expected in the field of creativity. But this does not mean that you will have to change the profession - an interesting hobby will appear in life that will help brighten up leisure.

But the financial sector in the coming year will demonstrate extreme instability. In the middle of the year, there is a high risk of unforeseen situations that entail material waste. Learn to save, and then there will be real chances to improve your financial situation and even get additional income.


Men and women born under this sign will face many trials. But thanks to the innate persistence and ambitiousness of the Capricorns will be able to overcome all difficulties and get out of the water dry. The year 2020 will begin with a negative, but this will mainly concern personal relationships - quarrels and misunderstandings are possible. But in the professional sphere everything will be fine - you can count not only on promotion, but also on professional recognition. A substantial increase in salary is not excluded, but only on condition that you demonstrate all your skills and experience. The second half of the year will be less saturated than the first, but more stable in material terms. Capricorn women should devote the year of the Rat to self-development, and, possibly, to the search for a new job. No need to fear change - this period is favorable for good aspirations. Astrologers advise men to pay attention to business and professional areas - all material costs will more than pay off. New business and career opportunities will open between January and February.

On the love front, you need to prepare for difficulties - trials will arise at every step. And the blame for everything is the natural temper and emotionality of Capricorn. There may be flashes of jealousy, quarrels and reproaches, fraught with the collapse of the existing pairs.


Aquarians have much in common with the hostess of the year - Metal Rat. They are also thrifty, honest and quick-witted, which is why they won the location of the caudate totem. Aquarius will not be able to completely avoid problems, but representatives of this sign will face dangers only in the first half of the year. Conflict situations at work will often arise, relations in the family will be disordered, which can cause stress and nervous breakdowns. Closer to summer, all conflict situations will settle on their own, disputes will subside, and relationships will return to normal. The material side of life will please - Aquarius expect successful investments and quick unexpected profit. You can count on an increase and even rapid career growth. August, September and October are the best time to look for a new job or master a related profession.

Difficult love situations will occur in the winter months - this will be a time of clarification of relationships and emotional disappointments. Lonely Aquarius will not remain without attention for a long time. Their sincerity and friendliness will charm those around them, it remains only to choose a worthy couple.

Family life in the second half of the year will be marked by complete harmony and understanding. True, Aquarius will sometimes need privacy - so your household will have to consider this moment.


The whole next year, Pisces will be overcome with doubts that, against the backdrop of new and interesting opportunities, will serve as a serious obstacle. The most favorable period will be the first 6 months. Good luck will accompany everything - from business to personal life. If you want to make repairs or change your place of residence, also plan the implementation of ideas for this time. Astrologers recommend spending summer on travel or business trips.You can visit old friends - for the establishment and renewal of relations this is the most favorable time. In general, in the business sphere, Pisces is lucky next year. Add to this the innate intuition of this zodiac sign, and you will get limitless possibilities for the realization of any desires. In Pisces women, this period promises to be especially eventful. There will be new fans, interesting projects at work, useful contacts and unexpected profits. It will be more difficult for men, but the time and effort spent will be justified by well-deserved success. You may have to part with some old friends due to a change in life position. But fate is preparing new interesting meetings for you - it is important to just wait for them.

Pay special attention to health - this is the most vulnerable area in the Year of the Rat for Pisces. Problems are likely to be unforeseen, associated with injuries and poisoning.

Now you know what awaits the zodiac signs in the year of the White Metal Rat according to the forecasts of astrologers. But do not forget that the white totem color requires openness and honesty of the intentions of everyone, and the natural activity of the rodent - hard work and perseverance. And then the new year will be successful and will leave only positive impressions about itself.