Fashion manicure 2019-2020

The task of every modern fashionista is to carefully monitor new trends in the beauty industry. That means competently think over outfits, acquire a fashionable hair color and, of course, a trendy manicure. Well-groomed hands are the finishing touch that creates a general impression of a stylish female look, attracts attention and surprises.

As well as clothing trends, trends in nail design are constantly changing. Fashionable manicure 2019-2020 is replete with bold ideas, fresh techniques and classic options that have already fallen in love with fashionistas of all ages. In the new season, the choice promises to become even more difficult, since among the favorites there are several design options at once, each of which is charming in its own way.

We will help you understand the latest achievements of the nail industry and streamline trending manicure options for an easier choice. The latest trends and innovations in the design of nails with high-quality photos especially for you.

Nail shape

A successful manicure is not only a well-chosen color and pattern, but also the correct shape of the nails. And if in the past seasons short nails held the lead, in the new season long nails come back into fashion, though not of extreme, but of moderate length.

The most fashionable forms of nails:

  • classic oval;
  • strictly defined square;
  • round almonds;
  • soft or rounded square;
  • “Ballerina” - a rhombus with a cut upper corner;
  • sharp stilettos.

Since it is quite difficult to grow a sufficient shape of nails to implement the latest trends, a variety of extension techniques can serve as an alternative. Using gel or acrylic, as well as gel coatings on your own nails, will allow you to enjoy a stunning design for as long as possible without fear of breaking your nails.

A precious metal

Chrome-nails is the latest trend in nail polish. It is possible to achieve a metallized effect with the help of special varnishes, various stickers and foil elements. But the dispersion chrome pigmentation in the form of a rub, which goes well with a gel coating, looks most spectacular. In tandem with gel polish, the metallized coating promises to be very durable - up to three weeks of a neat stylish manicure.

Trend shades:

  • steel;
  • gold;
  • Violet;
  • scarlet;
  • blue;
  • bronze;
  • chameleon.

Chrome-nails is the perfect solution for New Year's manicure, for December and January. With such nails, the image will be especially elegant and festive. But in this case, it is important not to overdo it with jewelry and decor on clothes, so as not to overload the image and not turn into a Christmas tree.

Noble matte

A very stylish manicure is obtained in a matte finish - an unconditional hit, the popularity of which stretches like a train from last season. Matte as an alternative to the glossy bored all came to the taste of fashionistas and took root in nail art for a long time.

Matte manicure made in saturated bright colors looks most effective. To create an everyday sophisticated look, choose monochrome opaque varnish varieties - emerald, lilac, gray and brown. The so-called “out of competition” shades - wine, mint, black, bright red and pink - will perfectly fit into a fashionable evening bow.

Lunar design will help to add a light piquancy - creating a contrasting border at the very base (cuticle) of the marigold. Noble matte looks no less stylish in combination with a geometric pattern or floral pattern. Complemented with beads and rhinestones, a manicure will be a good addition to bows in the style of chic or glamor.

In one design, it is allowed to combine matte and glossy coatings at the same time - this is a compromise solution for everyone who so far can not decide.

Gourmet Ombre

The technique of creating colored stretch marks on nails with smooth transitions from one shade to another continues to improve. Now women of fashion cannot be surprised with a simple vertical gradient - angular and vertical stretching with a mirror shine or in a chrome style is in fashion.

The owners of long nails are most fortunate - they have access to the whole variety of ombre in a variety of shades. An interesting novelty is the geometric gradient. Several similar shades are applied in stripes without a smooth transition - it turns out stylishly and effectively.

But the gradient for short nails should not be discarded either. True, in this case, the masters recommend confining themselves to a pastel palette and light shades of varnishes. Although for the summer - in June and July - you can pick up something more cheerful. For example, the color of pink, red, green, orange and lilac palette.

The gradient from the center of the nail and the new angular ombre techniques look exquisite. This is a sign of good taste of the owner of manicure and a clear evidence of the talent of the nail master.

Free negative space

Nail design 2019-2020 negative space in fashion circles is better known as “bare manicure” or “negative space”. A feature of this technique is that the nail plate is not completely varnished, but in parts, recreating an interesting design idea. Masters achieve this effect with a transparent varnish, on top of which patterns are created. Or using special strips to paint over the free space.

The main condition is that the contrast between the colored and colorless parts of the plate should be clearly visible, otherwise it is no longer a “negative space”. Of the patterns of manicure, geometry prevails - rhombuses, stripes, circles, hearts. A similar classic performance is suitable for every day. Negative space will be a good solution for the offseason - May and September, when too bright defiant tones are inappropriate.

A “negative” smile at the nail hole in contrasting color looks cute and elegant. Black and bright red shades are allowed.

Universal French

It would seem that French manicure has long ceased to be relevant and became boring to all fashionistas. But the French design does not cease to amaze. This is a harmonious combination with moonlight manicure, and the use of a rich palette, and spectacular gloss. Any fashionista who closely watches fresh trends will be able to choose the suitable French version.

The main advantage of the service jacket is versatility. Manicure can be successfully implemented on short and long nails, in images for spring and autumn. And there is no way to find a more refined and delicate design than a jacket for a wedding look. Manicure for the bride is decorated with rhinestones and imitation lace, beads and false ornaments.

The only limitation is that the French is best suited for square nails, as it is intended to emphasize the naturalness and strict geometry of the nail plate. For oval and almond-shaped shapes, choose brighter shades that will only slightly resemble the French design.

Stylish marble

Every admirer of nail art is obliged to try marble manicure. This nail design 2019-2020 promises to be a real hit for creating office, evening and everyday looks. Marble-style nails are associated with naturalness, as they resemble stone in design and texture. They embody both luxury and simplicity and can be used for various seasonal variations of manicure - from winter to summer.

The technique of execution is ingeniously simple - the marble effect is created with the help of a toothpick, which the master leads over the applied wet coating. At home, they try to implement the technique by applying a film.

Shades for marble manicure select the most natural, mostly pastel palettes. Expressions of manicure give impregnations of gold, silver, platinum, a bright ensemble of shades - lilac, azure, turquoise. But most often, craftsmen prefer to use the whole gamut of gray, close to natural stone. In some cases, a marble design makes a gentle emphasis on manicure, painting one or more nails on the hand.

Bold scarlet

Red nails are designed to attract eyes and emphasize the confidence of its owner. Fashion trends 2019-2020 give women a huge field for choosing a variety of shades of scarlet palette.

It should be noted right away that as an independent design solution, red manicure has long sunk into oblivion. The red palette can be safely used, but in combination with popular techniques - ombre, moon manicure, charming prints, sparkles and floral patterns.

Framing the decor with all the nails at once does not make sense, otherwise the nail design will be sticky. Beautiful nails are obtained if you select the ring or index finger. On short nails, the emphasis is on the thumb - there is where to turn the master’s brushes.

The ideal decor for red nails is a variety of hearts contrasting with the base varnish. Yes, and red color, in principle, is not required to prevail in nail art. There are a whole host of interesting options, where the scarlet tone is used only as a bold highlight of the image. Red manicure design is popular in February and March, when there is so lack of brightness in everything.

Gentle nude

Beautiful manicure is not always brightness, expressiveness and sophisticated techniques. Especially refined and well-groomed will make your hands a manicure in a nude style. Images with neat nude makeup and manicure appear from time to time at shows and are not going to release the fashionable pedestal.

Popular nails are popular among the inhabitants of offices and business ladies, in the image of which frivolity is not welcome. But just a few strokes and strokes of the brush of the master are able to turn everyday nude manicure into a delightful and attractive design. Floral and geometric ornaments, texture coating, stickers and fashionable rubs remain in demand even in pastel manicure.

The traditional colors for the nude style are cream, coffee with milk, milk, beige, light gray, muted pink. Delicate nails in a minimalist style look spectacular and neat - a thin stripe at the corner, a moon smile, light contrasting strokes, miniature hearts, feathers and leaves.

The mysterious “cat's eye”

A non-trivial and difficult design is the choice of courageous individuals who strive to stand out with the help of a mysterious manicure. The effect of “cat's eye” is achieved thanks to a special varnish coating with particles of chrysoberyl, which create lovely multicolor overflows on the nails.

In addition to the enchanting artistic effect, such a coating will delight with durability - guaranteed two weeks of accurate manicure. In appearance, the nails resemble a gem with a deep mysterious glow. Due to the variety of shades, there is always the opportunity to find a manicure option for a particular event or season. A warm palette with a predominance of emerald, burgundy and terracotta shades is perfect for the second half of summer - July and August. More muffled pigments of blue, brown and black - a suitable decor for the cold season.

Cat eye works well in combination with magnets - the device allows you to achieve an elegant effect, with a minimum of effort. Masters practice other tricks - the use of foil, mica, crystal chips.

"Broken glass"

The use of gel polish allows you to get a stylish manicure, called glass or “broken glass”. Fabulously “crystal” nails look in any color - whether it is a delicate nude palette or a rich pigment. Due to the variety of “glass” techniques, marigolds each time are unique even from the same master.

Various types of foil, holographic inserts, mirror cellophane, flickering stickers help to implement the technique. “Broken glass” is, first of all, a solemn, elegant version of manicure. It is self-sufficient in itself and does not require framing with rhinestones and stones. It is important not to overdo it with the outfit into which nail art should be entered, otherwise the female image will turn out to be too pretentious.

If you want to make your nails even brighter, use a rub - apply the product on your ring or index finger as an interesting flickering accent. Fascinating will be a manicure with butterflies cut out of foil, hearts, geometric abstraction. “Broken glass” with a matte effect is another fashion trend, which is impossible to remain indifferent to.

Fashion drawings

Drawing on nails today will not surprise anyone, but with each season the trends change and improve. Drawings become more complicated, or vice versa, tend to minimalism. The ideas of the 2019-2020 season include several dozen options for a variety of drawings that you can take into account when creating nail art.

Among them:

  • semantic inscriptions;
  • animals;
  • female silhouettes;
  • butterflies;
  • grid;
  • lace;
  • flowers
  • abstraction;
  • feathers;
  • snowflakes, etc.

For example, in the spring, in April and May, a variety of greens will be in fashion, as well as drawings in the form of leaves, flowers and buds. For a snowy winter, frosty lace and imitation of sparkling snowflakes are suitable.

Glamorous Rhinestones

Rhinestone nail design is still the leader in fashion manicure ratings 2019-2020. Moreover, stones of various sizes will be in demand - from miniature ones with a diameter of 1.2 mm to large ones with a size of 8 mm. Rhinestones are especially popular when creating evening, wedding, New Year's, birthday images, as well as an element of dresses for the graduation party. Rhinestone decors are a good option not only for winter, but also for October and November - in the autumn you also want to shine.

The moon manicure with a cuticle frame in small crystals will be very tender. Fans of strict geometry can experience designs in the form of sparkling strips of rhinestones crossing the entire length of the nail plate. Spectacular minimalism allows you to embody large single stones soldered into individual nails, painted in monochrome.

Classic nail art is considered a French manicure with rhinestones. The stones decorate a french strip, create twigs and flowers from them. Even short nails adorn with brilliant elements, but small rhinestones should be picked up and laid out on only one finger.

Most effectively, crystals look on a bright, even dark lacquer coating - black, burgundy, emerald, deep blue. Thanks to this contrast, the manicure looks sparkling and especially elegant.

Whatever version of the fashion manicure of the 2019-2020 season you choose, remember that the design should be liked first of all by you. Fortunately, the fashionable nail industry and the talent of masters provide a wide selection of techniques, colors and decors to create any look.