Fashionable men's haircuts 2019-2020

A fashionable haircut is an opportunity to radically transform, look well-groomed and demonstrate good taste. Moreover, the fashion trends of hairdressing representatives of the male half are no less interested than the female. Today, it’s not enough for a man to simply cut his hair with a machine - you need to choose an original technique that is suitable for individual appearance features. Stylists offer interesting options for different hair lengths, but youth trends are clearly traced in trends, where a sufficient length is required for fashionable hairstyles. All the fashionable men's hairstyles for 2019-2020 we have collected in this material - choose your ideal option.


“British” involves cutting strands at the back and long enough hair in front, literally hanging on the forehead. You can style your hair as you wish - with parting and without parting, you can even refuse to bangs, if practicality requires it. The bangs are laid on their side or combed back. The only drawback of the "British" - time for laying. For those who like to wake up with a ready-made haircut in the morning, a haircut of this kind is not suitable.

“British” will be a reasonable solution for owners of thick hair, because they can get their hair done quickly and without difficulty. But with thin strands of beautiful styling it will not work - this should be taken into account when creating a stylish image. A haircut is considered universal - it will easily fit into a casual and business image, suitable for both a teenager and a status man.

Even the owners of curly hair should not abandon the "British" - with its help it will be possible to realize a very romantic, but at the same time courageous image. In this case, stylists recommend using a styling gel that will help tame naughty curls.

In addition to thin hair, a “contraindication” to using the “British” will be a thin face - shaved whiskey visually pulls it even more. But a haircut of this type perfectly balances the facial features of oval, triangular and square shapes, making them harmonious.


This youth male haircut differs from other styling in the absence of a smooth transition between areas with hair of different lengths. The hairstyle is considered very recognizable - it is the most shaved whiskey in combination with a good amount of hair on the top and back of the head.

In the creative performance of the underker, shaving of one temple is performed, on which interesting patterns are performed at the request of the client. The hair on the other half of the head remains as long as possible - then the male image will turn out to be very creative. Sometimes the top of the head is supplemented with an oblique bang, and a tattoo is placed on the shaved area. To create a classic look, the hair is combed back, trying to give them the most well-groomed and neat look.

Anderkat goes well with a three-day stubble, allowing you to create especially brutal images of confident men. For the formation of hairstyles, smooth, stiff hair, which retains its shape well, is ideal. But supporters of an active lifestyle should take into account that the hairstyle will remain spectacular only if it is regularly installed.

In the 2019-2020 season, the trend of extreme design for the Undercut haircut remains. Whiskey and the back of the head are completely shaved or cut short, and the bulk of the hair on the crown is left long and collected with an elastic band. And although you won’t surprise anyone with the original underscore with a beam, the hairstyle remains an original way of self-expression. This is evidence that the man follows the trends and prefers the most fashionable options for the design of hair.

Photo of hairstyles in the style of anderkat:

Man ban

One of the executions of a hairstyle with a man’s bun for long hair received enormous popularity a couple of seasons ago. The essence of the styling is quite simple - the strands are collected with an elastic band at the back of the head or crown at one’s own discretion. The design of the bundle will depend on the initial length of the hair. On short strands, the hairstyle is made in the form of a freely falling tail. If the hair is long, they are collected in a classic rounded bun of arbitrary shape.

The location of the bundle can also be different - in the low man ban it is tied closer to the neck, on average - closer to the crown of the head. In a separate subtype, the top knot hairstyle is singled out, which literally translates as “a knot at the top”, when a high bundle is formed from long strands and the temples are cut.

The best complement to your man ban hairstyle is a beard or beard of any length. Although a smoothly shaven face is not a complete taboo for a brutal trendy image.

Boxing and semi-boxing

The greatest demand among the representatives of the stronger sex, who value practicality and brevity, are haircuts boxing and semi-boxing. They are performed on short hair and medium length strands. Perfectly suitable for athletes and everyone who leads an active lifestyle, because they do not require tedious styling and complicated care.

Boxing involves the maximum cutting of hair with a fringing on the occipital region. In some cases, the occipital line is shifted slightly lower to give more personality. The hair length of the upper part should not exceed 3 cm, while the whiskey is completely cut. Thus, the haircut boxing makes the face as open as possible, emphasizing his masculinity. Boxing is suitable for owners of naughty hair and men who already have gray hair.

The half box from the previous version is distinguished by a longer length and a smooth transition of height from the crown to the occipital strands. The edging on the back of the head is made a little more understated, and the length of the hair on the top of the head often exceeds 3 cm. In the half-box you can “play around” with the bangs and put it in your mood - comb it back, leave it falling over your forehead or give a slight sloppiness. But for men whose hair is curly by nature, you should choose a more conservative version of the hairstyle - with a semi-box, curls will look messy.


Another hairstyle with a sports name belongs to the category of universal. She successfully fits into the face of a mature man, a young guy and a teenager, smooths out imperfect facial features and helps to give a rigorous shape to naughty hair. In the classic performance of a tennis haircut, the master cuts the whiskey and the nape of the neck using a machine with the shortest nozzle. About 5 cm long is left on the crown of the head, creating a subtle transition from the top of the head to the temples. Depending on the type of appearance, the top of the hairstyle can be individually designed - with no bangs or strands laid to the right / left.

There are several options for tennis hairstyles - they differ among themselves mainly by the intensity of shearing. Owners of hard strands are advised by stylists to pay attention to such an option as a beaver. Here the temples and the nape are cut almost to zero, and a length of about 2 cm is left on top, creating a visual effect of a flat platform. An elongated face is also an excellent base for a beaver - a haircut will form a clear oval and make the features more correct.

For medium hair, an extended version of tennis is ideal. This is a youth haircut with a rather long bang, which is laid with styling tools - most often carelessly or simply falling to one side.


A haircut with an interesting name is a hedgehog. It should be attributed to a shortened version of tennis, although some masters position the hedgehog as a self-contained type of hairstyle, unlike others. Associations with a hedgehog are created due to shortened hair, which is stacked vertically, like sticking spikes.

A very short hedgehog with a hair length of up to 3 cm is a bold but practical solution, since it requires minimal care. To give a hairstyle a presentable appearance, just wash your hair with shampoo and give damp hair a slight sloppiness, combing it slightly back. With a dense and obedient structure of the hair shaft, styling tools may not be needed.

When choosing a hedgehog haircut, you need to consider that such appearance errors as a bumpy skull and protruding ears will be in sight. In this case, an elongated hedgehog, hiding irregularities on the head, is suitable. There is a possibility that sticking out thorns will not work, but for men whom nature has endowed with thick hair, an elongated hedgehog will be the perfect solution.

Men's square

In fact, a square for men has little in common with the female variety of hairstyles. The performance technique is a great many - with shaved temples, on the leg, with a slanting bang, graduated, short and medium. The most popular caret style haircuts are performed using graduated technique. It allows for the presence or absence of parting, allows you to experiment with styling and changing images.

The square with the torn bangs falling on the forehead looks especially stylish - this attribute gives the man brutality. Owners of curly hair are advised by hairdressers to look at the middle square - with its help it is possible to successfully beat naughty locks. No less interesting and extravagant performance - a square with shaved elements - one temple or the back of the head.

Restraint and severity in style guarantees a classic square with the correct geometry and clarity of lines. Here, the length of the hair reaches the chin or even slightly lower, and the bangs add brightness. A straight parting is suitable for everyday use, and to create a spectacular output image, the bangs are laid arbitrarily, milled and create torn strands.

A male square has one key requirement - the hair should always be clean, otherwise the hairstyle runs the risk of completely losing volume and accuracy.


Men who prefer very short men's haircuts should like the military style. The hairstyle has such features as restraint, conciseness and neatness of form. Initially, military haircuts were developed taking into account the requirements of the military - they create a courageous image, are suitable for an active lifestyle and are comfortable in everyday wear.

The military style is somewhat reminiscent of boxing, but it creates an even more brutal masculine look. Hair is cut to the maximum so that the hairstyle is very short. In the haircut, individual design options for the crown are allowed - complex shapes, asymmetry, elongated bangs. In this case, the image becomes more interesting, allowing you to distinguish its owner from the background of others at any social event.


The Canadian haircut is a classic - it perfectly complements any set and fits into any type of appearance. To do the haircut you need medium length hair. The occipital and temporal zones are shaved, leaving a smooth transition on the crown of the head with a bang up to 4-5 cm in size.

Using a variety of styling options, with Canada it’s quite possible to create diverse images - romantic, business, sporty, active, daring and elegant. The most fashionable versions of Canada are made with asymmetrically trimmed sectors and design with thematic patterns.

In sports Canada, hair is cut even more intensively - their length barely reaches 1 cm. A shortened version of the haircut is a reasonable solution for the summer, when excess vegetation on the head is useless.

On curly curls, the Canadian is formed by a special technique. The strands are made longer than in the classic, and the occipital region is left without a border.

For retro-style devotees, designers offer this styling option - on a bang, do a fleece, fold it back and securely fix it with styling gel, mousse or varnish.


The site is one of the most difficult to perform men's haircuts. It requires a well-placed hand of the master, an excellent eye and skill. The main emphasis is on the crown and crown of the head. Here they leave hair about 5 cm long and cut it in such a way that a silhouette of an absolutely even wide strip with strict lines is obtained.

The platform is not suitable for every man - only the owners of hard, even hair growing at an angle will be lucky. In other cases, the proper effect will not work - the strands simply will not keep their shape. After washing the hair, trimmed hair is combed in the right direction - that’s all styling.


Trends in men's haircuts 2019-2020 do not cease to amaze. Proof of this is the original Quiff haircut, which is inherent in the unbearable hipsters and yakuza bandits. The legendary Elvis Presley made a special contribution to the popularization of hairstyles - and now the haircut is experiencing a new surge in popularity.

Characteristic features of the hairstyle are the long bangs raised and combed back. It combines such techniques as a platform, an aircraft carrier and Iroquois elements. A competent master will offer the client different options for the execution of quiff - with a gradual fading of the length, with shaved areas around the perimeter of the head, with smooth or textured waves.

Teenage haircuts

Adolescence is the time for boring experiments and testing hairdressing innovations. Men's hairstyles for teens include both simple universal options for haircuts, and original solutions that require daily styling.

Semiboxing has gained great popularity among teenagers. It is easy to care for and allows you to perform avant-garde shaving, beloved by youth, on individual sectors of the head.

In model hairstyles, the emphasis is on bangs - these are the already mentioned hairstyles Canadian, British and underker. The boldest decision is a bang-mohawk, involving the use of styling products.

Teenage athletes should like hairstyles such as tennis, boxing and a hedgehog. They do not require complicated care, ideal for both cold and warm season.

It will not be difficult for an experienced master to perform even the most complex trending haircut. It remains only to find a good specialist and tell him about your preferences in hair styling.

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