Fashionable skirts 2019-2020

Elegance, charm, romance and self-confidence are the main distinguishing features of a fashionable image with a skirt. This is the most feminine element of the wardrobe, designed to emphasize the sophistication of its owner and create a harmonious image. It is important that the skirt is consistent not only with fashion trends, but also with the features of the figure, skillfully placing emphasis on its virtues and alluring bends. Fashionable skirts 2019-2020 provide such an opportunity - among the entire variety of models, there will certainly be a couple of options that are ideal for you.

The main trends of the season 2019-2020

Women's clothing is changing and improving from year to year, and fashionable skirts are no exception. This is facilitated by new fabrics, original finishing materials and the indefatigable imagination of fashion designers who offer something new every season or revive the long-forgotten old.

Fashion trends for the 2019-2020 season:

  • length - midi skirts remain the undisputed favorite. Such a length, according to stylists, is the most universal and modern, and models can be implemented in rather unexpected colors and styles;
  • actual everyday shades - beige, brown, gray, black;
  • shades bright for spring and summer - burgundy, muted green, pink, orange;
  • fabrics - at the peak of popularity, textured materials such as velvet, leather, tweed, jeans, cashmere, wool and suede;
  • print - floristic and animalistic motifs, cage and strict geometry are especially in demand;
  • finishing - fringe, sequins, lacing, lace and chiffon inserts will help to create a particularly delicate and glamorous image.

Given such a stylistic and textile variety, in the new season it will be easy to choose a model for everyday use or special occasions. To find out which skirts are in fashion in the 2019-2020 season, this review of trending models for the cold and warm season will help.

Universal midi

Midi-length skirts have conquered literally all fashion trends - from the most sophisticated and outrageous to modest and classic. The most relevant will be midi-skirts made of flowing fabrics, dominated by weightlessness of chiffon, nobleness of satin, tenderness of silk and simplicity of satin.

For casual styles, sport chic and street style, mid-length skirts made of denim are ideal. Feminine models are given a variety of finishing solutions - fringe, buttons, cuts and smell.

Pleated skirts that go almost to the ankles will help to realize a light and weightless image. For the summer, they will become a top solution, especially if you choose a model in bright color with an alluring sheen and high waist.

Prints are a good choice for courageous individuals who know a lot about combinatorics. The current midi skirts in checkered, striped, abstract geometric, animal prints, as well as romantic colors will help to make an image exciting. But choosing such a skirt, keep in mind that the upper part of the outfit (blouse, t-shirt, top) should be made of plain fabrics.

Models made of fabrics with a metallic sheen look interesting, especially pleated and multi-layered. Such styles of skirts allow the material to shimmer beautifully in the sun, eye-catching.

Classic pencil

The pencil skirt most fully corresponds to the very midi style, which continues its triumphal procession on fashion catwalks. This style is not characterized by light and thin fabrics - most often these are dense costume materials and tweed, which allow emphasizing the elegance of the image, beautiful curves of the female silhouette and delicate taste. A pencil skirt made of dark velvet or suede will look especially elegant.

With what to wear a pencil skirt, each owner of this element of the wardrobe will prompt intuition. The main requirement is the presence of heels in the image. In winter it can be graceful boots with a heel of medium height, in the summer - refined high sandals or pumps. Inappropriate coarse shoes in sports style, wedges, platform or wide heel.

A pencil skirt will create a harmonious ensemble in a tandem with chiffon plain blouses and matching jackets. The contrasting color tops with peplum, straps and lace look interesting.

Sexy skin

Leather has become a trendy attribute of ladies' images of the new season. Stylists suggest not limited to classic black models of medium length. Choose eye-catching mini, body-tightening, matte and varnish options, skirts with a metallic sheen. The trend is not only traditional for the skin muted red and burgundy colors, but also bright shades of pink and yellow.

A properly selected leather skirt will be a good option for the office, especially in combination with a fitted top or cardigan. But leather skirts of bold color with a loose cut top are the right solution for everyday wear.

A black pencil-skinned leather skirt never seems to go out of style. The model can be safely worn with white blouses and shirts, turtlenecks, jackets, fitted sweaters. But there is one “but” - the skin does not get along well with prints, an abundance of decorative details, too loose and voluminous top. Therefore, designers have relied on minimalism - models of skirts made of leather 2019-2020 have become the epitome of conciseness.

Essential Pleated

Femininity and originality of the form of a pleated skirt especially pleased lovers of sophisticated classic looks. Designers went to meet fashionistas and developed original models of different lengths and styles.

A universal solution will be a fashionable midi pleated skirt in any solid color. Pleated floor models will look amazing - the perfect choice for the spring-summer season. Stylists advise lovers of short fashionable skirts to stay on the corrugation skirt.

A pleated skirt can become part of an everyday, evening or business wardrobe. Now this is not a school uniform that has bothered everyone, but stylish models with excellent combinatorial potential, which are easy to match with. They look good with romantic blouses, men's-style shirts, and slim turtleneck sweaters.

The choice of the width of the folds will depend on the features of the figure - the thinner the hips and waist, the thinner the folds on the skirt should be.

Graceful ruffles

All kinds of ruffles and shuttlecocks in the 2019-2020 season complement almost all the elements of the wardrobe, including skirts. They are designed to make models as feminine and graceful as possible, to emphasize the natural charm of its owner.

Shuttlecocks and ruffles are placed along the very edge of the hem, decorate them with a smell on the left and on the right or in several tiers. Ruffles are made to match the main fabric of the skirt or in sharp contrast with it. In this case, it will be appropriate to choose shoes or the top of the outfit, harmonizing in color with ruffles.

The cutest looks will be obtained with midi or maxi skirts from weightless flowing fabrics. Ideal options with ruffles in pastel shades - coffee with milk, creamy, beige, milk, tender terracotta.

Nontrivial asymmetry

If you don’t like boring, modest images, feel free to choose beautiful skirts of an asymmetric cut - and be on top of originality and originality. Fashion designers recommend choosing several asymmetric models that differ in length at once. For work and study, midi-length products are appropriate, for leisurely walks and shopping - asymmetric mini-skirts, but for special cases it is worth getting a model on the floor.

Asymmetry does not accept restrictions, so you can experiment with different shades and prints. Gentle pastel colors, plain white and black fabrics, complemented by a delicate floral print, as well as a bright summer palette will be appropriate.

New skirts are presented in the photo:

Timeless jeans

Denim skirts are not for nothing called timeless - this is a must-have for a woman’s wardrobe for any season and occasion. The most fashionable shade of the 2019-2020 season was saturated indigo. A gentle heavenly palette and the color of the boiled pot are slightly inferior to him. Extraordinary personalities can pay attention to jeans skirts in white, black, purple and red - they will also be in fashion.

Rhinestones, pebbles and patch pockets on denim skirts this season almost never occur. Maximum buttons, rivets and pearl beads. But the expanse for elegant embroidery, which gives the skirts a special grace and originality. A variety of combined models of skirts with lace and leather inserts are relevant.

Landing can be high and medium, but there are no favorites relative to the length - choose midi, maxi or mini to taste.

Actual smell

The top midi skirts are complemented by an elegant scent. Present in almost all fashion collections skirts with a smell and bold high cuts indicate the reluctance of fashion designers to hide female attractiveness from prying eyes.

The most frank will be the lateral incisions - they reach the very thigh, seductively opening the female leg. In a slightly more restrained style, central cuts are made, rising slightly above the knee.

Mega-models for women are considered midi models made of insulated fabrics. For the cold season, it is recommended to supplement them with nylon tights of the color of lemon or fuchsia. So the image will become bold and memorable. The accent design with a zipper or a strap going down to the lower leg will help to emphasize the slightly open leg.

Charming cage

A skirt in a cage of all colors and types is found in most fashion collections, striking in its diversity:

  • Burberry - a beige background with thin red and wide gray lines forming a cell;
  • vishi - a small cell of two tones with a base white;
  • caledonia - red-blue-green cell;
  • tartan - traditional plaid in natural muted tones;
  • argyle - a diamond-shaped cell in the form of a checkerboard;
  • universal - small black and white squares.

Pleased with variety and trendy styles of checkered skirts. Models “under a kilt”, with a smell, trapezoidal and asymmetric cut, splendor, pleated and maxi-length - all this will be relevant in the season.

Warm knitting

Knitted skirts 2019-2020 are presented in muted shades of brown, gray, mustard, beige, sea, green and purple palette. Other tones that impress a female image in style and phenotype are acceptable. Original designs can be beaten with contrasting shades or executed using the patchwork technique, combining several close shades in one thing at once.

Knitted options are recommended even for trips to the beach - for the summer, choose bright models of mini-lengths of easy knitting. Short skirts in openwork design, in trapezoidal styles, the sun or a bell look very feminine and playful. Designers offer to complement the cute image with a variety of ruffles, shuttlecocks and tassels.

In the fall-winter season, skirts of medium yarn and descending just below the knee are appropriate. This length makes it easy to combine models with shirts, t-shirts and blouses. Knitted skirts with pullovers, sweatshirts, sweaters and turtlenecks look no less stylish.

Lovely floral motifs.

Skirts made from fabrics of floral motifs always look feminine and elegant. An interesting ornament helps to create a memorable image, especially for the spring-summer season. Stylists turned on fantasy to the maximum, offering fashionable women summer skirts with floral ornaments for every taste.

You can choose for yourself voluminous light flowers on a contrasting black background, or small flowers in a muted shade that cover the fabric completely. Skirts printed by peonies or sunflowers will help bring freshness and newness to the image.

Floral ornament can be used to correct imperfections in the figure. The trapezoid and half-sun styles in a small flower will help hide the tummy and full hips. The model can add an attractive roundness to a large flower.

The undisputed favorite of the summer season, which year become fluffy skirts with floral print. Using this wardrobe detail, it is possible to create both everyday looks and stylish bows for social events.

Solemn splendor

In the new season, designers tried to return the graceful fashion of the past century, offering fashionable women lush skirt models. They are recommended to be worn for special occasions and used to create casual images. Wearing curvy models is better with a massive belt - so the waist will become a real aspen.

There are no restrictions on fabrics for voluminous hem - it can be delicate weightless chiffon or tulle, or warm checkered wool. Particularly elegant look long skirts made of organza on the floor - the choice of real ladies.

A popular variety of curvaceous models is tutu skirts that appeal to both young ladies and ladies of elegant age. For the “pack” of the 2020 season, restraint in volume and color scheme will be relevant. The trend is the lack of prints, monotony and a muffled palette.

Suede Naturalness

The triumphal return of suede outfits to world catwalks is becoming apparent. Unlike suede coats and trousers, a suede skirt becomes that middle ground that will be appropriate in any look. A universal solution - a medium-length skirt in restrained shades - black, blue, the entire brown palette. Young ladies will look especially elegant in dresses with a high waist, outlined by a fashionable belt.

Denim, leather, knit oversized sweaters, voluminous scarves and slip-ons will be a great addition to a suede skirt. A suede skirt pleats perfectly with the casual style to emphasize the elegance of the silhouette and make it more structured.

Spectacular mini

Skirts of the minimum length promise to be another favorite. A stylish outfit based on a miniskirt will allow you to demonstrate a slim figure, especially in the summer, when the outfits are maximally open. But it is worth considering that the new fashion season does not tolerate vulgarity. Preference should be given to restrained models and styles, the femininity of which is hidden in the details. High waist, a few rivets or a small leather insert - this will be enough to emphasize the elegance of the figure.

Mini skirts are best combined with laconic closed crop tops. This shortened version of the top, subject to the right choice, will be appropriate even in an office style.

Extravagant metallic

Fabrics in a “metallic" style are not a new fashionable solution, but are still able to surprise. New collections are full of various models in the space theme, but for every day it is worth picking up something more muffled. For example, silver options with a peplum or straight skirts in metallic color with a subtle horizontal strip.

Designers create stylish images with metallic mini-skirts, denim shirts, white blouses and cardigans. A combination of silver and gray in any combination is considered ideal. Metallic skirts are allowed to wear sneakers, slip-on sneakers, graceful sandals, and eco-friendly sandals.

Elegant transparency

A favorite technique of many modern designers - a combination of candor and modesty - is realized in skirts made of transparent fabrics. In the fashion collections of the new season, fashion designers are in no hurry to abandon light materials even in the frosty season.

Disguise provocative transparency in a variety of ways. This is the absence of cuts, and the maximum length, and decoration using stones, lace, sequins, embroidery. Of course, such outfits are not useful for every day, but elegant transparency will come in handy for creating a catchy bow and appearance.

Analyzing the most fashionable trends, it can be noted that eclecticism is typical for the skirts of the 2019-2020 season. In the new collections you can see a return to the fashion of past years - pleating, smell, midi length. But at the same time, fresh trends pleasantly surprised - metallic color, chaotic asymmetry and bright print. One model unites all models - the desire to emphasize one hundred percent femininity, elegance and good taste.

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