2020 European Figure Skating Championships

There are not many international figure skating competitions. Therefore, lovers and connoisseurs of this sport are looking forward to the start of the 2020 European Figure Skating Championships.


The right to host a major sporting international holiday is a great honor for any country. Therefore, there is always a serious struggle over where the tournament will take place.

The Figure Skating Federation accepted two applications for the European Championship 2020. These were two cities: Austrian Graz and Croatian Zagreb. Applicants are more than serious and worthy.

Zagreb became the capital of European figure skating four times. Experience in organizing the championship of this city does not take. Theoretically, the Croatian capital was a favorite.

Graz is the second largest and largest Austrian city, with a population of just under 300 thousand people. It is an opportunity for him to hold a figure skating competition, an opportunity to attract the attention of the whole world, to increase his own tourist attractiveness.

The Austrian application relied on the country's experience in holding tournaments of this scale. After all, the country has hosted the European Figure Skating Championship eleven times.

The ISU session, at which the host country of the continental championship was determined, was held in June 2017 in the Dutch capital. The good news from Amsterdam was received by Graz. The city will host the European Championship for the first time. For Austria, this will be the twelfth opportunity.

I would also like to note that already next year the ISU without a vote will give the European Championship among the skaters to Zagreb.

Championship participants

Representatives of European countries that are members of the ISU can take an official part in the 2020 championship of the continent in figure skating. Skaters must be fifteen at the time of July 1, 2019. Israelis, Turks, Georgians, Armenians, Azerbaijanis are considered “European” athletes in the ISU format.

The number of athletes that a country can declare for each discipline will be determined by the results of the 2019 championship. The maximum possible bid is three participants. The National Federation independently forms an application, setting its own selection criteria. To maintain a high level of competition, ISU requires that a representative from the country achieve a minimum technical assessment of the elements performed in any international tournament prior to the 2020 continental championship itself.

The Russians will come to Graz only for victories. From our skaters, another result is difficult to accept. Dozens of athletes from other countries will confront them. The main competitors can be considered the French and Spaniards.

Schedule and program

According to the tournament program, competitions will be held during the week of January 20 to 26, 2020. Graz and the ice arena "Mercury" expects the strongest European skaters, who will play among themselves four sets of awards in the disciplines:

  1. Singles among men;
  2. Women's individual tournament;
  3. Dancing on Ice;
  4. Pair figure skating.

Performances of applicants will be divided into short and arbitrary parts. A detailed schedule will be presented immediately before the start of the competition.

Many online services have begun selling event tickets. Tickets are sold to standard stands and VIP sectors.

Tournament Forecast

Work on oneself is hard labor for a skater. This sport is especially traumatic. Therefore, it is difficult to make forecasts for performances and the results of athletes for the next year or two.


For a long time, Russians did not grab stars in single skating from heaven. The ultimate dream for men at tournaments is bronze and silver. Getting into the top five experts will consider it a success.

In this discipline, within the European championship, the Spaniards and the French set fashion. Imagine what is happening at the world championships. Competition is increasing at times. But the fans continue to believe in our guys: Mikhail Kolyada and Maxim Kovtun. To become the best thanks to their skill and luck at the European Championship 2020 they can do.


At the European Championship level, the Russians have no rivals. Our women, or rather, the girls rightfully occupy the Olympus of female figure skating, in fact, competing among themselves.

The Russian women's team is full of magnificent talents: Alina Zagitova, Sofya Samodurova, Evgenia Medvedeva. It seems that they themselves do not know where their limit is. It is possible that the entire pedestal at the European Figure Skating Championships in Graz will be occupied by Russians.

Dancing on Ice

The glorious times in this category are behind the Russians. But the point is not to lower the level of the athletes from our country, but to increase the skill of the other skaters. Couples from France, Italy in ice dancing show good results.


In this discipline, Russian couples are considered favorites. The hopes of the fans in pair skating are associated with duets:

  • Victoria Sinitsyna and Nikita Katsalapov;
  • Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin.

The last duo won silver at European Championship 2019. A new goal for 2020 has already been set. Good luck to our skaters!

Watch the video: 2019 EUROPEANS JUDGING CONTROVERSY -- Alina Zagitova Алина Загитова, Sofia Samudurova (December 2019).