Horoscope for 2020

Time is fleeting. Years fly one by one and the horoscope for 2020 is already available for all to see. All the signs of the zodiac have a special surprise, which fate will present in the most important period of life.


Aries will have to curb its ruffian character in 2020, to become a little more loyal. The Mistress of the Year Rat does not tolerate audacity, therefore success can be achieved through breaking her character. The year of Aries has passed in the works, it is not surprising that 2020 will begin with fatigue. Allow yourself a quality vacation to the fullest: a trip to the sea, a tour abroad. This must be done before the end of February. Then the mistress of the year will change her anger to mercy and will patronize her career and family. Spring will be filled with new aspirations. Aries will have summer under the constellation of the family in love and understanding. Autumn is a time of work, labor merit with material encouragement. By the coming year 2021 you will come in great shape.


The Taurus is very attractive to the Rat for its non-conflict and executive character. Feel free to make all your dreams come true. Stars will patronize Taurus. Winter of the new year will bring a pleasant acquaintance to the lonely signs of the zodiac. Those wishing to achieve success in their careers can count on promising work in late spring. Summer will have to work for credibility, so far forget about the vacation. But at the end of autumn you can afford a good rest with loved ones. The general trends of 2020 are very successful. You will achieve a lot, bring it to life and save for the future.


Gemini is very resourceful, receptive. The rat sympathizes with this sign and has prepared many surprises, but not all of them will be pleasant. Twins tend to exaggerate, so they will often complain about fate. What should not be done. Winter will take place in festive feasts, pleasant visits by relatives and friends. You will have time to work, combine family responsibilities with work tasks. Spring will bring changes in work, business trips, workloads are possible. Summer and autumn are the best period for the realization of what was conceived. Perhaps you start repairs, or purchase real estate. You can rest in the winter.


Cancer in 2020 needs to decide in which field they want to succeed. The rat will help Cancer, you just need to be consistent and not grab at once. The work of the Crayfish is in full order and by the spring you will switch to a family. Relatives support your endeavors; no problems are expected in this area. Autumn is a happy time for Cancers, when secret plans can be realized. You will be popular with relatives. You will participate in weddings, anniversaries, some courts. By the end of the year there will be a desire to retire, which certainly must be done. A respite will help restore strength for new breakthroughs.

A lion

The king of animals has a strong character, for them there is nothing impossible. Metal Rat will not resist this, but will support in all endeavors. Lviv will be tormented by doubts about personal relationships, but by the spring you will be able to deal with this issue. Lonely Lions will make new friends, and having a family will reach a new level of communication. Relations that are obsolete will be terminated by mutual agreement, which will help maintain good relations. In the work of Lions occupy high significant positions. Nowhere without you, so no problems are expected in a career. Lions are advised to pay attention to health; chronic complications are possible. A successful year will end with a pleasant surprise, possible news about a replenishment in the family.


The Punctual, practical Virgo is liked by the Rat, so she will not put sticks in the wheels. If Virgo does not get sprayed on a lot of things. Outline for yourself a circle of primary tasks for the winter period. Reaching everything gradually, by the summer you will achieve great results. By fall, the Virgin will be difficult to stop, she will continue to move to the heights. In this race, do not forget about your loved one, otherwise you can’t avoid remoteness in the relationship. Take a vacation and devote time to your family. Then you will come to the New Year with good results.


Last years were difficult for Libra. Therefore, in 2020 the situation will change for the better. The rat will patronize the decision of the financial side: there will be no easy money, but stable work will be on its head. Relations with close people, relatives will also improve. In the spring, Libra will want a change in image: going to the beautician and to the hairdresser will do good. The health of the scales is excellent, but by the fall it will be necessary to undergo a course of fortification. In love, a successful year, filled with romance, surprises, understanding.


Scorpions have a complex character. The mistress of the year is also not famous for its easy features, so everything that the year sends you will need to be met with a smile and pleasure. Moreover, there will be more good events. In winter, be attentive to new acquaintances, so as not to suffer from betrayal and rumors. But old friends always lend a helping hand. Spring is a conflict period, and disagreements will arise out of the blue. Scorpions, be softer and more tolerant, much can be avoided. By the summer, everything will form, conflicts will calm down, relations will improve. The love sphere will come to the fore. They need you and this is mutual. Until winter, everything will flow in a measured rhythm. And with the advent of frost, you will plunge into the festive atmosphere with a positive mood.


The charming Sagittarius will be able to please the mistress of the year, so she can safely prepare baskets for rewards. The first half of the year can be a little stressful due to blockages at work, problems encountered. In the second half, you will be generously rewarded with premium vouchers for the resort. Sagittarius likes comfort and close people will help to create it in 2020. In the autumn you will be involved in family conflicts, but your delicacy will be enough to resolve the situation. Sagittarius is by nature a healthy sign of the zodiac, however, by winter it is necessary to visit the clinic so as not to miss a cold. Making sure that you are also full of strength, you will celebrate the New Year.


Capricorns are sensible intelligent zodiac signs. These qualities will help to overcome the obstacles prepared by the owner of the year Rat. Big troubles are not expected, but in winter you need to be attentive to colleagues at work, so as not to be liquefied. Your ability to defend persuasion will help to quickly return the situation to the right track. Spring will be filled with romantic dates, family holidays. You are not inclined to exacerbate personal problems. This rule is useful in 2020. In the summer you will want to make a gift to your loved one. You will go on a happy journey, after which you will joyfully meet the news about the birth of a child. You love stability and do everything so that you are surrounded by comfort.


Aquarius is expected to have a clean, sincere year. The rat will not allow the tricks to knock you down. From January to the end of spring you will meet a beautiful love that will grow into a friendly family. Family signs will be preoccupied with children, the expansion of housing, the provision of wealth. You will succeed, however, you will have to make enough efforts to achieve this. By the end of the year you will be offered a promotion. Autumn and winter are a time of useful acquisitions for the family. You can afford a lot of useful things that will be appreciated by loved ones.


In Pisces, the year 2020 will begin with a lazy mood, a desire to relax, sleep, do nothing. Not the best time to play the fool, says Metal Rat. Especially in the new year, Pisces will need additional finances to help older and smaller family members. Fish do not just get along in the family due to excessive savings in everything. This year, family members will hear you, and will not demand too much, but you can always provide the necessary minimum. In 2020, Pisces shows active physical activity. This is the only way you can keep yourself in good shape. Take care of your nerves, do not get discouraged over trifles, the Rat will help you solve problems.

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