Elections 2020

For the Russian Federation, the 2020 elections are of particular importance, as they will be held in countries of direct interest to foreign and domestic policy. Key CIS countries and America will decide on the choice of president and members of parliament. It is too early to speculate on this topic, so we confine ourselves to the facts and forecasts of analysts. Also, Russians expect local voting in 16 regions.

Who do we choose in 2020 in Russia

In September, on the Single Day of Voting, elections of deputies of local councils, village, town, city mayors and elders will be held at territorial polling stations. By this time, the heads of regions are ending their term of office, as they took office in 2015. The list of republics, districts and regions is as follows:

  1. Arkhangelsk region
  2. Bryansk region
  3. Jewish Autonomous Region
  4. Irkutsk region
  5. Kaluga region
  6. Kamchatka Krai
  7. Kostroma region
  8. Krasnodar region
  9. Leningrad region
  10. Penza region
  11. Rostov region
  12. Sakhalin Oblast
  13. Smolensk region
  14. Tambov Region
  15. Tatarstan
  16. Chuvashia

US Presidential Election

Back in November 2018, Donald Trump said in an interview with Fox News that he intends to run for a second term. According to a survey by SSRS and CNN, 46% of respondents are confident that the current president will win the 2020 election, while 47% say the opposite. When asked who the obvious candidate for the fight in the election campaign, Trump called Joseph Biden, while hinting that he has poor voter support. Hillary Clinton also repeatedly expressed in the media a desire to compete again for the presidency. Among the expected and prospective candidates should be highlighted:

Republican Party

Donald TrumpUS President
Jack FellureRetired politician, candidate of 7 presidential campaigns
Ted cruiseSenator from Texas
Nikki HaleyGovernor of South Carolina
Dwayne JohnsonActor, wrestler
John CaseicOhio Governor
Tim ScottSenator from South Carolina

Democratic Party

  • Corey Booker, New Jersey Senator
  • Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States
  • Sherrod Brown, Ohio Senator
  • Steve Bullock, Governor of Montana
  • Julian Castro, US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
  • Hillary Clinton, former US Secretary of State
  • Bill De Blasio, mayor of New York
  • Tammy Duckworth, House of Representative
  • John Bell Edwards, Governor of Louisiana
  • Tulsi Gabbard, Representative from Hawaii
  • Kamala Harris, Attorney General of California
  • John Hickenloop, Governor of Colorado
  • Jason Cander, Missouri Secretary
  • Amy Klobushar, Senator from Minnesota
  • Joe Manchin, Senator from West Virginia
  • Chris Murphy, Connecticut Senator
  • Martin O'Malley, Former Governor of Maryland
  • Deval Patrick, Former Governor of Massachusetts
  • Bernie Sanders, Senator from Vermont
  • Tom Steyer, Hedge Fund Manager and California Activist
  • Elizabeth Warren, senator from Massachusetts
  • Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York, US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Libertarian Party

Adam Kokesh, actor, talk show host, antiwar political activist, freelance journalist

Green party

Jill Stein, Massachusetts Doctor

Parliamentary and presidential elections in the CIS


According to Belarusian legislation, presidential elections should be held no later than August 30. The following candidates are currently listed:

  • Traditionally, father will fight for the next term with the words: "In these difficult times, we managed to achieve stability and recovery, while the neighbors have war and chaos. But in order not to lose these fragile achievements, we do not need to change anyone at the crossing."
  • So that the pro-Russian electorate does not organize itself on the opposition platform, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Belarus Oleg Gaydukevich will appear in the ballots.
  • An ambitious politician Andrei Dmitriev is being nominated from the Tell the Truth public organization, which activists call a gray cardinal and special services agent.
  • The leader for freedom, Yuri Gubarevich, expressed his desire to compete for the presidency with a program of market reforms, rapprochement with the European Union and withdrawal from dependence on Russia.
  • The party "Belarusian Popular Front" has two contenders for the presidential race: Alexei Yanukevich and Grigory Kostusev.

Also in September, the Republic of Belarus will hold elections for members of the Council and deputies of the National Assembly of the seventh convocation.


In an interview with the Air Force, the head of the Senate of the Parliament of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Zhomarta Tokaev, said he did not believe in Nazarbayev’s participation in the 2020 presidential election, but the head of state would have the final decision. Nursultan Abishevich himself speaks about this vaguely, referring to the opinion of the people. In 2018, parliament passed a law on lifelong chairmanship of the elbasy in the Security Council, and this is the dominant solution to issues in the field of defense, security, foreign and domestic policy, discussion of candidates for the positions of central and local executive authorities and much more. According to experts, the incumbent plans to "appoint" his successor, while all levers of power will continue to be under his control. The new political model will be built like "without Nazarbayev, but with Nazarbayev."

Voting in Georgia

Parliamentary elections will be held according to the new version of the Constitution, amended in 2018: 77 members will be elected according to the proportional system and 73 according to the majority. Mandates are distributed between parties that receive at least 3% of the vote. Thus, the entry barrier to parliament is reduced from 5 to 3%. Thanks to the adopted amendments, the role of parliament in governing the country will increase significantly, and the institution of the president will weaken.

Experts predict three leaders in the struggle for parliamentary seats: the political union "Strength in Unity", "Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia" and "European Georgia - Movement for Freedom".


On October 25, 2020, elections will be held at oblast, rayon, city, rayon in cities, rural, village councils, rural, village, city mayors, and elders. The calendar is as follows:

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