Horoscope for 2020 for Virgo

The widespread horoscope for 2020 for Virgo will tell you about the possibilities in personal life, love relationships, financial prospects, health and much more that will be important for Virgo in 2020. Charms and talismans come to the aid of the zodiac sign, the use of which improves mood and opens up opportunities helps save what has been achieved.

Talismans and charms Lviv

Mascot:grasshopper, aster
A rock:sapphire, jasper, carnelian, emerald, topaz
Colors:shades of blue, white, purple, green
Plants:aster flowers and red poppies, coltsfoot
Symbol:cube, virgin
Lucky numbers:5, 6, 12, 20, 27
Metal:copper tin

Tamara Globa

According to the Eastern calendar, 2020 is the year of the White Metal Rat. The mistress of the year sympathizes with the neat and practical Virgo, which means that you can count on a successful course of affairs. If Virgo has unresolved issues of a legal nature - it's time to return to this topic. Between January and March, the doors of all authorities are open for you. The spring period is marked by emotional instability caused by the situation in the family. You have the wisdom and patience to resolve everything in the best way. In Dev's work, everything will turn out perfectly. After all, such a punctual and executive employee still look. By the end of the year, expect a promotion.

Vasilisa Volodina

Vasilisa Volodina predicts 2020 as the most successful for the Virgin. It is possible that from spring to autumn you will have to be torn between family and work, but you can combine important areas for yourself. In the summer, be sure to go on vacation with your loved ones. A joint trip will benefit all its participants. Single Virgins have every chance to meet their soul mate, and couples - to receive news of a replenishment. In 2020, Virgo will set himself serious tasks. And already at the end of the year she will have something to thank the White Rat for. Success is expected both in the workplace and in the personal sphere. A number of financial problems will also be resolved. You will be able to pay off debts, as well as defer a certain amount for pleasant expenses in the future.

Pavel Globa

In 2020, virgins are capable of turning mountains with their enthusiasm. The strong and active sign of the zodiac is taken for everything that it considers necessary and has time to do everywhere. In 2020, Virgo comes to the forefront with older relatives and smaller family members. According to Pavel Globa, they will need the attention of the Virgin more than others. Therefore, at some period it may seem that the Virgin is tired and exhausted, but she will gather her strength and skillfully combine work processes and communication with her family. In the summer, Dev is likely to acquire real estate, which will serve as an additional incentive to work. In the fall, conflicts in the family can be exacerbated due to disagreements on financial spending and parenting. Only a negotiating table will help come to a consensus. Otherwise, the period of misunderstanding may be delayed until the end of the year.

The most powerful psychics

Parting words of psychics relate to the personal life of Dev. Learn to calmly respond to all kinds of injustices. You will have to face gossip, intrigue, enemies and envious people. You are a fighter for the truth and are ready to rush into battle at the first manifestation of rudeness. Learn to analyze and patiently weigh. Your character is characterized by impulsiveness, but now it is not at hand. By learning not to respond to the machinations of ill-wishers, you will become stronger in your own rightness. You must not make excuses to anyone. You have already achieved a lot; in 2020, it remains only to increase and strengthen your position.

Love horoscope

The horoscope of love promises Virgo an active year, filled with meetings, acquaintances, novels. And this applies not only to free signs, but also to the family representatives of the zodiac. The period from February to July is marked by increased attention to the Virgin from the opposite sex. You look great, skillfully use the rules of flirting. As a result, you are surrounded by fans craving meetings. Family Virgins, be vigilant and careful: excessive passion for dating can play against you. Take care of your family and reputation. Free signs, you will plunge into a whirlpool of meetings and connections. Even the most demanding of you can meet your man in late autumn. All of the year 2020, the Virgin is saturated with love for everything: loved ones, her beloved business, nature and life in general. Such a mood is the key to a successful year.

Horoscope of health

The beginning of the year for Virgins will begin with weakened immunity, fatigue and the common cold. You have taken too much on yourself in the previous period. To restore strength and feel the taste for life, Virgo is recommended to start the morning with a contrast shower, a cup of aromatic coffee and a healthy breakfast. Include fruits with vitamin C in the diet, drink a course of vitamin to strengthen the body. Many Virgo chronic diseases will exacerbate by spring. Therefore, in order to prevent a crisis, it is recommended to visit a medical institution in order to control health. Throughout the year, monitor the weight and reasonable load: walk, visit the pool, fitness room. An active lifestyle and proper nutrition are your good health, dear Virgo.

Financial horoscope

Virgo is a rather economical sign of the zodiac that knows the value of banknotes. This does not mean that she earns little. On the contrary, Virgo feels where one can fix the financial side and is sure to try herself in something new besides her main place of work. The latter is extremely important, because Virgo gravitates to stability and prefers to have a reliable source of income, on which she achieves financial heights. In 2020, the Virgins are coming both income and spending. You will earn, but you will have to spend no less: educating children, helping senior family members, arranging real estate, and repairs. Despite all the investments and expenses, Virgo will manage to collect a piggy bank by the end of the year for the amenities of the future period.

Job and career

At the beginning of the year, Virgo will think that she is losing high positions in the workplace. This is due to several comments by the head. Take note of the emphasis, but don't dig into it yourself. You can blame yourself for all sins and problems, but this should not be done. You are an excellent employee, performer and leader. You can be trusted with any post. This is known in your work circle, so you can be sure that a career will only go up. In the spring, the machinations of envious people in the team are not ruled out, but your talents, endurance and ability to make decisions promptly will leave everyone behind. You will approach the new year with a new high position, good salary and wonderful prospects.

East Horoscope for Virgo:


Rats Virgin are endowed with a logical mindset. Observation and activity are qualities that will come in handy in 2020. You can count on the support of the mistress of the year. Your penchant for analysis and conclusions will help you avoid trouble. Being in the right place at the right time is your New Year motto.


Both the Virgin and the Bull belong to the representatives of the Earth element, hence such pedantry, accuracy and conservatism. These features are in the heart of the Metal Rat, so Virgo-Bull can count on a successful year. This sign is very picky about itself and demanding of the rest. High bar helps to achieve goals and respect the achievements of others.


Virgo-Tiger is a bright personality who knows how to show herself on the good side. A sign that seeks to reach heights in everything is distinguished by obstinacy and a desire to achieve justice. The rat is indulgent to the Tiger and forgives him a kind of ignorance. However, it should be remembered that in everything you need to know the measure. A good year with ups and downs that will only awaken the desire for further struggle.


Openness, sociability, and the desire to sacrifice for someone's sake are all about the Virgin born in the year of the Cat (Rabbit). The rat has prepared for you several tests that you can easily pass. Thanks to the ability to think and analyze, the Virgin Cats do not break firewood, but build a whole methodology for achieving goals. Mistress of the year will appreciate your work.

The Dragon

Virgo Dragon is a controversial sign. Virgo - has logic, Dragon - in principle, is not familiar with it. Virgo sees everything only near him, the Dragon confidently looks into the distance. Such different characteristics coexist wonderfully in the sweet Dragon. In the year of the Rat, the intelligence and beauty of the Virgin Dragon will come to the fore. Using your best qualities, you will go far. The family will become a place for the full realization of your plans. Also, the Dragon will succeed in work, because it is famous for quick wit and sociability.


Reliability, good breeding and wisdom will lead the Virgin Snake to a successful life in 2020. Ease of communication, a sense of humor and measure is encouraged by the White Rat, therefore, dear Virgin Snakes, you can continue in the same spirit. Do not pay attention to the envious. The ability to ignore them will weaken their strength. In the fall, expect a pleasant surprise from your loved one.


Horse Virgo is an unusually wise and able-bodied sign. The ability not to exchange for trifles makes it possible to achieve good performance at work. In the year of the White Rat, the Horse will have to work hard. However, the reward is worth it: you will receive a leadership position and the right to make decisions in a team on your own. The sexuality of the sign will help in romantic relationships, which is important for single characters. Family Virgin Horses are puzzled by housing improvements.


Virgo-Goat is a sophisticated and elegant personality. These features make her a pleasant person in any society. But upon closer acquaintance, boring qualities, a love of moralizing, may appear. The rat is not ready to put up with the goat’s constant moralizing, so it will load it in full. It is not recommended to seek perfection; value what you have and the one who is nearby.

A monkey

The willfulness and recklessness of the Monkey is contrary to the rationalism of Virgo, but at the same time they form a single union of opposites. In the year of the Rat, Virgo Monkey should think about solid ground under his feet. You need to think about the capital that you need to put together before the end of the year. Despite the tasks that the Rat will ask, the Virgo-Monkey will be able to enjoy life.


Virgo Rooster are cutting in utterances and are somewhat arrogant. This is not always welcomed by the Rat, therefore situations are possible from which the Rooster will have to leave with an apology. A cheerful sign, despite pride, does not want to offend anyone and this will mitigate the attacks of the Mistress of the year. There is a high probability of meeting with the love of your life.


Dog Virgin - a sign endowed with intuition, inner strength, the desire to protect everyone. Self-sacrifice is a trait that affects the life of a sign. It should be remembered that sacrifice is possible only for loved ones who will appreciate the act. Learn to value your time, value and love yourself. The year is favorable for business development, building pair relationships, training.


Pig Virgin is endowed with devotion, respect, willingness to help. These are the best qualities for friendship. Therefore, the Virgin Pig is surrounded by friends, only in 2020 will it be necessary to understand who is truly friends and who uses you to their advantage. For Pig Virgin, the year is filled with surprises, unexpected trips. All year you will be on the road and roads, but this is a joy to you.

For women

In 2020, Virgo women should pay attention to who is next to you (partner). Do not allow excessive use of yourself, this can happen in the year of the White Rat. Stop over-patronizing your family members. Each of them is able to take care of both themselves and you. Allow yourself to relax, renew your wardrobe, change your hairstyle. Start loving yourself and others will look at you with different eyes. In your work, stick to your position. Only in this way will you achieve your goals.

For men

Men in the year of the Rat are recommended to work with rolled up sleeves. Relatives very much hope for you, you are their hope and support. Do not get involved in disputes, gambling, dubious events. It will not bring finance, but it will pat the nerves. Do not expect easy money, you will be able to get a reward only with your own labor. Keep a clean relationship with your loved ones. Do not let fleeting affair. Everything secret will become apparent and the hour of reckoning will come anyway.

Famous personalities born under the Sign of Virgo:

  • Ivan the Terrible (August 25) - the first king of all Russia;
  • Cardinal Richelieu (September 9) - statesman, French cardinal;
  • Michael Faraday (September 22) - a famous chemist in England;
  • Leo Tolstoy (August 28) - the great Russian thinker, writer;
  • Elizabeth I (September 7) - Queen of England;
  • Agatha Christie (September 15) - a famous English writer;
  • Sophia Loren (September 20) - the legendary Italian actress, singer;
  • Claudia Schiffer (August 25) - famous German top model, actress.