DIY do-it-yourself rat 2020 symbol

The enthusiasm for the Chinese horoscope is growing steadily in our society, and now every New Year we not only meet it by date, but we associate it with the image from the corresponding horoscope. So, the upcoming 2020 will be the period when the white Rat will stand at the helm. What it will bring us, and what we need to be prepared for, we learn from numerous forecasts. But now one thing is clear - in order for the mistress of the year to look at us with a smile and favorably, you need to make her a symbol, and preferably with your own hands. About how the Rat symbol of 2020 do it yourself can look like our unique review.

DIY Christmas do-it-yourself paperboard step-by-step diagram

There are a large number of the most original and amazing options for how you can easily and fun to make yourself a little perky rodent. Here are just a few possible options for such cardboard crafts:

  • Cardboard rat No. 1. This version of the symbol of the New Year 2020 is very simple to make. Take a small piece of dark cardboard and cut a semicircular shape from it. This will be the body of your future mouse. Then, bend it along, so you add volume to the body of the animal. Using a black marker, draw eyes, antennae, and nose on the pointed side of the blank. Now it's time to create the ears. Make these elements from any contrasting color of cardboard or colored paper with a dense texture. Cut two interconnected small circles of oblong shape, make an incision between them in the center and put the ears on the head of the mouse. And the last detail is the ponytail. It can be made from a ribbon of any color, for example green or yellow. Your mouse for the New Year 2020 is ready!
  • Thick paper mouse No. 2. This model of a fun rodent can be done by even a child, the main thing is to correctly draw a diagram and clearly indicate each bend on the body of the animal. To create this cardboard craft you will need: cardboard or thick white or gray paper, colored markers, scissors, glue.
    Take the cardboard of the format you need and redraw the diagram shown in the figure, observing the scale. Use a simple pencil to make strokes on the bends, thanks to which your mouse will become voluminous, as if alive. Then, color the body of the mouse in any color, observing the contrast. Bend all the details of the animal and where necessary, glue them together. Next, glue the tail that you prepared separately to the body of the mouse. On this, the manufacturing process can be considered completed!
  • Cardboard mouse №3. In order to make such an unusual three-dimensional mouse, you need to take a small sheet of cardboard and use the pencil to draw the diagram shown in the picture on it. Measure each side of the chart with a ruler and accurately draw it on a piece of paper. Be sure to make strokes in all the indicated places, because further on them you will perform bends. With a bright marker in black and red, draw the face of the animal. Put the finished mouse on the Christmas tree and let it please you all the New Year holidays.

Symbol of the New Year 2020 - do-it-yourself mouse

The symbol of the coming 2020, according to the Chinese calendar, will be a white mouse. Astrologers assure us that this animal can have a color from silver to snow-white, as well as all similar shades. The naughty pig that ruled the year 2019 will be replaced by a mouse on the throne, and the success and prosperity in our life the whole next year will depend on how we meet it.

The rat is considered a symbol of nepotism, it loves to stockpile and preserve acquired property, so great luck awaits people in 2020 who are serious about family values. In order for your house to become attractive and positive for the mistress of the year, make a few figures of this animal with your own hands and let them protect you throughout the year from troubles and adversities.

The rat figurine can be made of different materials, the main thing is that as a result the animal will turn out to be positive and attractive.

  • New Year's mouse made of felt. Take the felt material of gray and pink colors. Using the marker or pencil, draw the outline of the body of the mouse from the wrong side. After each element is ready, cut out the body parts of your rodent. Take the thread with the needle and sew the parts as shown. Place cotton, sintepon, or other soft material inside the body of the rat. You can use small black buttons for the eyes and nose of the mouse. Make the tail of the animal out of any strong thread or tape.
  • New Year's white plasticine rat. The figurine made of plastic and soft material will be easy to manufacture and will decorate your festive interior. For the model you just need to take a soft colored plasticine and a small plastic knife. First, take the white plasticine and warm it well in your hands to make it elastic. Then make the largest details of the future mouse: torso, head, paws and ears. Take the pink plasticine and make small circles out of it that you stick on the chest and ears of the mouse. From the black plasticine, make the eyes and nose of the animal. Also make a tail of white material.
  • Colored paper mouse model. To make this figure, first make a paper cone. From above, apply decorative elements from colored paper of various tones to it. Make a funny apron and belt for your mouse. For a rat's head, cut an oval with a pointed edge out of cardboard. On its surface with a marker, draw the face of the animal. Make ears out of extra paper parts and glue them to the head of the mouse from the back. The paws and tail will also need to be cut according to the size of the body and glued to the figure.

New Year's crafts in the year of the White Metal Rat

Each of us can make a New Year figurine of a cheerful mouse, the main thing in this business is desire, imagination and hard work.

  • Walnut Shell Mouse. This version of the craft will certainly surprise your household. Making a mouse out of a shell is very simple, but it looks unusually spectacular and original!
  • Christmas rat made of beads. To make such a symbol of next year, you need enough time and perseverance. True and the result of the work will be appreciated by your friends!
  • Newspaper wicker mouse. Such crafts can be done only by especially creative and assiduous people. In fact, if you look at the weaving pattern, almost all of us can make a similar rat model, but not everyone has the patience to bring this work to completion.

The best New Year's Rat crafts as a gift for friends

The main winter holiday will soon come, which means that now is the time to choose gifts for your beloved people, colleagues, friends and relatives. And if the co-workers choose a standard souvenir does not cause any problems, then loved ones and loved ones want to give something really unusual, made with love. And the best gift made with love can only be a present made by yourself. Show all your imagination and imagination so that a piece of your love for them is also transmitted to your relatives through your gift.
Original, funny and funny ideas for New Year's surprises that are associated with the hostess of next year look something like this:

  • Little felt mouse-sweets. This option of a cute New Year's gift is sure to be appreciated by your friends, especially children.
  • Knitted mouse. Such a gift can be made only by creative people who love and know how to knit. To create this Christmas toy in the shape of a mouse will require a sufficient amount of time, so start making a Christmas rat in advance.
  • Sock rat. Such a mouse figure will definitely bring a smile to your friends and give everyone around you a lot of positive emotions. Making such a mischievous mouse face is not so difficult, and the result is simply amazing.
  • Mouse shaped gift wrap. Not only a gift has value. Gift wrapping is also very important, especially for long-awaited holidays like New Year. Make paper boxes in the shape of a mouse face with your own hands. But what you decide to put inside them, let it remain a secret for everyone!
  • Rat made of colorful ribbons. This option for a New Year gift will certainly be appreciated by friends who prefer unusual and unique souvenirs and surprises.

A rat symbol that even a child can do

If you want to accustom your children to creativity from childhood, then start with simple options. Create your first joint craft masterpieces with the guys, especially if there is such a bright occasion for this as the upcoming Rat year.

You can create many of the toys below with your children easily and simply. For this, you do not need special knowledge or a large number of diverse improvised material. Paper, glue, scissors and a little imagination - that’s all you need to create a 2020 New Year’s mouse with your child.

  • Paper application “Mouse with cheese”. You will do this craft with your child very quickly, and perhaps your baby will cope with all stages of work independently.
  • Application on fabric "Mice". To make this children's New Year's masterpiece, you will need cardboard, a small piece of fabric, glue, colored paper, scissors and a little patience.
  • Mustachioed rats. This paper craft is easy to do, but it looks very cheerful. To create a job, take scissors, gray, white and pink paper, a marker and 2 small mother-of-pearl buttons that will become mouse eyes.

How to make a mouse symbol for a Christmas tree

Decorating the New Year tree is a special moment that traditionally unites the whole family and gives an atmosphere of intimacy and love. In the New Year 2020, the white Rat will become the mistress of time, therefore, it will be great if there are figures of this animal on the New Year tree.
Christmas-tree decorations in the shape of a mouse can have different features and outlines:

  • New Year's mouse candy decorate your Christmas tree and give an extraordinary radiance thanks to the foil.
  • Mouse King Figurine must find a central place on your New Year tree.
  • Toy from felt “Mouse in a scarf”. You can make such a Christmas tree toy yourself. To do this, you need felt material, lining fabric, threads, scissors, several pieces of woolen fabric and a marker.
  • Funny Christmas mouse made of cones will give your home warmth and comfort for the whole year.

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