Teacher salaries in 2020

In Russia, state employees include various categories of workers. These are the "siloviki" and the military, the state apparatus, as well as teachers and doctors. All these categories of workers are completely dependent on the budget, because payments to them are made from the budget on the basis of the planned funds.

May decrees of V. Putin

We need to return to 2012, when V. Putin was elected for the first term. Then came a whole series of decrees of the President, which are commonly called "May". In these decrees, V. Putin noted the categories of workers who should increase their salaries by 40-50%. By this value it was necessary to increase the salary of kindergarten teachers, teachers and nurses. Doctors with higher education and teachers of higher educational institutions planned to increase the salary to twice the average salary in the region.

Almost 7 years have passed since that time, and the salary of teachers and doctors in various subjects of the Russian Federation, except for Moscow and St. Petersburg, remained almost at the same level as it was. This is partially due to the deteriorating position of the Russian Federation in the international arena, with the introduction of sanctions against the Russian Federation. This led to the adoption in 2015 of a budget with a cash deficit. This situation continued for four years, only for 2019 was a budget adopted with a cash surplus.

Raising salaries for teachers in Moscow

In regions, the average salary of teachers, doctors and kindergarten teachers is very different. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, the salaries of teachers and doctors have really grown and reached the average level in the region. In the Moscow region, its governor guaranteed in 2020 an increase in salaries of teachers and doctors by 15%. The budget to increase the salary of the entire Russian teaching staff includes:

  • 109 billion rubles - in 2019;
  • 120 billion rubles - in 2020;
  • 134 billion rubles - in 2021.

Such amounts guarantee an almost twofold increase in salaries for teachers. What actually happens in the regions with salaries of teachers and doctors.

Salary increase in the regions

Almost every region reports on budget funds to the Government of the Russian Federation. In many regions, the growth of salaries of teachers and doctors was reported. In fact, their situation did not improve, but worsened, because in fact the salary of these categories of workers consists of several parts: the basic salary and allowances. In many regions, increased salaries to state employees, but at the same time reduced the size of premiums. Reported on the increase in s / n, but in fact s / n remained at the same level. At the same time, inflation must be taken into account. So it turns out that the situation of these categories of workers has not improved, but worsened.

The average salary of teachers in Russia is determined at 30,000 rubles. Although in many regions it does not reach 20,000 rubles. Many young teachers leave the profession, because they have a very low salary. They do not yet have the length of service, they come almost to a bare salary, which is “tied” to the minimum wage. Now he has been slightly increased, this should automatically increase the salary of young teachers.

How will the salaries of teachers change and how much

Salaries for teachers in 2019 are scheduled for September 1. The size of the increase is planned at 6%. Such an increase applies to all state employees who fell into the May decrees of V. Putin. And this is not all budget areas. This increase will affect doctors, teachers, cultural workers and scientists. All other state employees are expected to increase their salaries by 4.3% - the planned inflation rate. Although it is already known that at the beginning of 2019, inflation amounted to 5.5%.

In 2020, state employees are also divided into two categories: those who fall into the May decrees of V. Putin and those who do not fall into his decrees. The first category expects an increase in salaries - by 5.4%, and the second category - by 3.8%.

In 2021, the first category of state employees plans to increase the salary - by 6.6%, and the second category - by 4%.

Reorganization of education in Russia by region

In the field of education, an attempt is underway to reorganize, which is not very productive. In the teaching environment they want to classify and build a hierarchy. They want to divide teachers into teachers - methodologists and teachers - mentors, into senior teachers and leading teachers. This hierarchy is being tested in 13 regions. But at the same time, the budget funds allocated to the payroll do not change. Consequently, if a certain salary category is increased, then in another category it will be reduced. In practice, certification of teachers is carried out to create a planned hierarchy. The head of Rosobrnadzor S. Kravtsov promised that there would be no penalties for the certification of teachers.

So far, this reform is in the form of testing. According to its results, the Ministry of Education and Science will not single-handedly make a decision, said Deputy Minister T. Sinyugina. In the teaching environment, this innovation is seen as negative. Firstly, teachers do not want another stratification, and secondly, they are afraid that this innovation will require additional reporting, and teachers are now “overwhelmed” with paper work that needs to be carried out regularly. So far, the reorganization in the teaching environment is perceived as a negative innovation. What the Ministry of Education and Science will decide is not yet known.

What happens to salaries of scientists

In many regions, in order to comply with the May decrees of V. Putin, the average salary in the region was reduced. Complying with the President’s instructions has become much easier. In one of the regions, on the eve of municipal elections, the bank took out a loan to increase salaries for teachers. They increased it by several months, and then reduced by a large amount. With the loan you need to somehow pay off.

During the increase, they reported to the Government about the increase in salaries in the educational sphere. In higher education, the same thing. The salary was almost doubled, and then they entered into an additional agreement to the labor contract, in which they stipulated a reduced working time for employees and paid them the same amount that they had previously paid. Such cases by region are not news. Only in Moscow and St. Petersburg did the salaries of teachers and doctors really reach the average level in the region. And in higher educational institutions and among medical workers with higher education they have doubled. Information on all other constituent entities of the Russian Federation is disappointing.

Salary of teachers in Sevastopol

The new Russian region was particularly distinguished. The Sevastopol authorities reported to the Government that the salary of teachers increased by 110-250%. In fact, the salary remained at the same level. One of Sevastopol’s teachers, Alexei Protsko, turned to the President for help. The teacher asked to increase the base rate to at least 14,000 rubles, compared with the existing 6200 rubles. A large number of educational workers from the city of Sevastopol signed his petition.

Salary to state employees on May decrees in 2020

Teachers and doctors, as well as other categories of workers who fell into the “May” decrees of V. Putin in 2020, are expected to carry out indexation of salaries - by 5.4%. Then, as with all other state employees, indexation is planned - by 3.8%. Teachers and other categories who fall into the "May" decrees of the President are scheduled to index from September 1. The remaining categories from October 1.

Education and medicine are the development of these two sectors; it is a guarantee of good health and the mind of new generations of Russians. Therefore, we hope that 109 billion - in 2019, 120 billion - in 2020, 134 billion - in 2021 will really reach the destination for those employees who are scheduled for these payments. It was calculated that in terms of the number of employees in the teaching field, their salary should grow by at least twice, or even three times, the current size.

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