2020 of which is declared in Russia

For twelve years in our country, every new year has been dedicated to a certain topic. It can be associated with historical events, geographical objects, a specific area of ​​social life. This is done in order to draw the attention of society to solving urgent problems. Many of our citizens are interested in what year 2020 was announced in Russia and what it is connected with.

What could be dedicated next year

Before considering this issue, let's recall what the previous years were dedicated to:

2016domestic cinema
2017environmental issues

Each year, a topic is selected that requires an urgent solution.

Two years ago, various initiative societies proposed several options, which may be timed next year:

  • Today, more and more famous scientists are trying to pay attention to problems in the scientific field. Representatives of various fields of science express a desire to exert their strength and knowledge to implement the most daring scientific discoveries and decisions. Scientists believe that the time has come to popularize the scientific community and science in general. We need to draw public attention to the problems that hinder the implementation of the latest technologies and innovative solutions. The credibility of inventors and rationalizers should be raised. Their activities should be in demand. You also need to pay attention to the protection of domestic discoveries in the global sphere of intellectual property. Everything must be done so that information important to science is saved. At the moment, innovation centers, where research and development is carried out, are poorly funded. This is unacceptable with such a high intellectual potential of the country. The lack of budget funds slows down the development of domestic scientific thought.
  • The All-Russian Popular Front proposed to declare 2020 - the year of the father. Specialist in reproductive health, Oleg Apolokhin proposed this topic to draw the attention of society to the high mortality rate among men and to the health of men in general. A catastrophic situation has developed in the country when only 50% of the male population lives up to the retirement age. The scientist believes that in Russia it is urgent to tackle the reproductive health of the male population. It is necessary to organize a medical examination of the male population in order to prevent pathologies in the sexual sphere and increase the chances for paternity. Some men neglect family responsibilities, which led to a decrease in the authority of the father in family relations. The 2020 dedication to paternity was able to solve this problem. Society would help create a positive image for fathers who are actively engaged in their children and are loving to the younger generation. It is necessary to popularize a healthy lifestyle and conduct informational work on the dangers of alcoholism and drug addiction. The right guidelines for fatherhood and the importance of the responsible attitude of men towards the creation of a cell of society should be formed among youth.
  • The All-Russian movement in support of the fleet put forward an idea - to devote the next year to Antarctica. They explained their proposal by the fact that in 2020 marks 200 years since the opening of the sixth continent. This movement suggested organizing the passage of domestic and foreign ships along the route of the discoverers of Antarctica. The initiators of such a proposal believe that such a joint journey of sailing ships may recall Russia's contribution to the discovery of the continent. They believe that the role of our country and the role of domestic travelers are being specifically underestimated.
  • Also, one of the initiative groups proposed to coincide 2020 with the Russian-South Korean cultural exchange. They explained their proposal by saying that in the coming year there will be 30 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. The announcement of such a topic could help strengthen cultural ties and increase cultural exchanges. This could create an even stronger foundation for a longer-term relationship. It was proposed to hold many events in the theatrical sphere, in the field of cinema and the exchange of cultural values, especially since the corresponding Memorandum has already been signed.

Presidential Decree

At the end of 2018, the regular meeting of the Council on Art and Culture of the Russian Federation took place.

The report of Elena Islamuratova, who heads the house of creativity in the city of Ugra of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug, sounded at it. In this report, Elena Evgenievna emphasized the importance of incorporating ethnic traditions into modern life. She pointed out that at present, cultural heritage is practically not used in the professional environment.

The amateurish level of folklore material can lead to irreparable losses of society. Therefore, the lecturer proposed to coincide the coming year with folk art.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who attended the event, supported this idea. He noted that local cultural centers are currently not in the best condition.

V. Putin said that club business is a very important area in the countryside. In recent years, the number of clubs and rural cinemas has begun to decline. According to the President, in Soviet times enough funds were allocated for this area. Many books and films about folk art have been published. Today, many things have been commercialized and therefore it is necessary to restore the houses of folk art and village clubs. Today in Russia there are 40 thousand such institutions. Experience has shown that this is not enough for such a large country.

According to V. Putin, the Government of the Russian Federation should pay attention to this. It is necessary that the cultural centers of national minorities develop and contribute to the preservation of national identity.

After some time, a presidential decree was issued that 2020 will be a year of folk art.

The President’s decision could be influenced by the fact that, in connection with the 100th anniversary of Bashkiria, the World Folkloriad will take place there. As you know, in this region there are over a hundred ethnic groups.

Year of Folk Art

According to the Decree of the President, the heads of regions are instructed to prepare activities for the implementation of all the provisions of this document. Rosmolodezh volunteers should be involved in this and the regional infrastructure should be involved.

It is planned to create large cultural clusters in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. It is in them that creative groups that will represent various national minorities will concentrate. Such formations will work to increase the tourist attractiveness of the regions and increase the spiritual and aesthetic level of Russian citizens living in various parts of the Russian Federation

As for cultural clusters in the regions, they will be created at the beginning in Kemerovo, Vladivostok, Kaliningrad and Sevastopol. Their leaders must adopt the experience of the Hermitage. It was he who in recent years has shown how to introduce elements of his cultural program at the regional level.

It is hoped that in the year of folk art more attention will be paid to creating new and restoring old recreation centers and clubs. Theaters, cinemas, amateur organizations and all kinds of cultural circles will do everything to ensure that local residents have full leisure. According to experts, precisely because of the lack of normal conditions for recreation, small towns on the territory of our country are slowly dying. Creating conditions for good leisure should correct the current situation.

Program in the year of folk art

The program, which will be implemented in 2020, includes many festivals and exhibitions dedicated to folk art. Both professional and amateur groups will perform at them.

Various master classes and expositions will help our citizens to better learn about the features of folk art in a particular region of the country. Local symposia and congresses will help solve pressing cultural problems and highlight existing achievements in this area. The key task of 2020 is to establish cultural ties between the regions and a worthy presentation of the achievements of folk art of the Russian Federation abroad.

All sorts of flash mobs and promotions organized by volunteers and caring people will be sent to support the themes of 2020.

Events in Moscow

In the program of celebrating the year of folk art in Moscow, the first item is the organization of the second International Festival "Christmas Moscow".

The Ministry of Culture of the Moscow Region will be engaged in its organization. The main actions of this event take place in the GUM area. As for entertainment, this place is the most popular among Muscovites and guests of the capital. The smallest citizens of our country - children 3-14 years old will take part in the musical and artistic event. All of them have some kind of creative talent. Young artists will show what they are capable of in vocal, choreographic, circus and instrumental terms. Spectators will witness theatrical premieres, a bard competition and a costume show.

The festival "Christmas Moscow" will be held on 01/06/20 - 01/09/20.

From January to mid-February, an exposition of ice figures created by craftsmen will be held at Sokolniki Park.

The Planet Ice project has repeatedly struck Muscovites and guests of the capital with ice installations. Let's hope that in 2020 at the exhibition we will see even more talented craftsmen from the people who will create for us all a real fairy tale made of ice.

With the onset of spring, even more various festivals and performances of folk groups will take place in the capital. Among the projects that are expected in 2020 will be the 14th International Exhibition-Fair of Russian craftsmen and artists "Firebird".

At this exhibition, you can see the fair exposition "Folk arts and crafts." On it, everyone will learn needlework and try their hand at making clay dishes. There will also be a competition of ethnic clothing. Both well-known masters and young designers will be able to take part in it. Visitors to the exhibition will enjoy the work of various folklore groups from different regions of Russia.

In the summer in Moscow, you can visit many cultural events and fairs, which will host workshops on handmade art. There you will learn how to make unique jewelry and folk art. At exhibitions, you can not only see the works of folk artists, but also purchase original home furnishings or handmade clothes.

At such festivals of folk art, you can fully experience the talent and folk spirit of our masters. All this creates an indescribable atmosphere of positive.

What other events will be held in Moscow will become known a little later. We advise our readers to follow the additional information in numerous forums on the Internet related to folk art and folklore.

Latest news

The press service of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation said that in January next year the public will be familiarized with the logo of the year of folk art. He, according to officials, will fully reflect the theme of 2020.

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