Kremlin Christmas tree 2020

There are many New Year performances and shows in Moscow, but the most grandiose, fabulous and memorable is the Kremlin tree. Not only young Muscovites dream of joining it, but also millions of children living in other cities of Russia. The Kremlin Christmas tree 2020 promises to be even more memorable and spectacular than in all previous years, and this is an event with a 66-year history.

A look into the past. When for the first time in the Kremlin began New Year's performances

Attempts to celebrate the New Year in a fun and interesting way for the first time in the Soviet Union were made back in 1937. Then the Christmas tree was installed in the Hall of Columns. The festive tree was 15 meters high, and the red star served as the main decoration. To get to this event could only the children of party workers. With the advent of 1954, a forest beauty was installed in the Kremlin Palace. The Christmas tree was lit not under the approving calls of the children who got into the round dance, but after the salvo of the cruiser Aurora, of course, not a real one, but a toy one. The children were shown performances in which the idea of ​​how well they live in the country of the Soviets was traced in red thread.

After 10 years, the holiday began to be held more interesting. The performance was attended by Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, other characters from fairy tales. Since that time, a tradition has emerged that is still being observed today: the best directors and scriptwriters are developing scripts for the country's main Christmas tree, and the plot of the performance is kept in the strictest confidence.

Opening of the Kremlin Christmas tree in 2020 and schedule of performances

The State Kremlin Palace will open for all boys and girls who are lucky enough to have a ticket to the performance, from December 24, 2019. There will be 3 performances per day:

  • at 10:00 in the morning, children from elementary school are invited to the sessions;
  • at 14.00 the doors will open for children aged 10-14 years;
  • at 18.00 there are performances for families with small children.

Morning and afternoon sessions are designed exclusively for children. Adults accompany the children to the entrance to the lobby, and then while away their time in the cafeteria or in the museum, waiting for the kids to leave.

To the attention of parents! On the most popular dates: December 30, 31 and January 1, 2 and 8, you need to buy tickets not only for children, but also for adults. In other words, the guys will not be able to attend the performance on their own, only accompanied by at least one parent or relative. This applies to all sessions: morning, afternoon and evening.

Recent performances will be held on January 8, 2020. Opening hours for this day are better to find out closer to the date, because event organizers can change the time.

When the children can see Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden. Features of the show

The Kremlin Christmas tree is not a simple presentation, but an almost “cult” event. The numbers will help to understand its scope: about 300 thousand children have time to attend a theatrical spectacle during their school holidays. It is clear that such a scale is always a lot of people, so you need to think over a trip to the Christmas tree in advance.

The time is indicated on the tickets, but you should be guided by it if you want the child to see only one performance, and then receive his gift. If you want the kid to also play with other children, pose for a photo, and also become a participant in fun contests, then it is better to come in advance.

The time before the performance “among the people” is considered more interesting for children than the performance itself.

Before entering the room where the entertainment program is held, the kids need to change clothes. At this stage, difficulties may arise, because there are a lot of children. In order not to stand in lines in the wardrobe, it is better to dress the child in advance, while still at home, then he will immediately be able to do fun games in the company of animators and other children. At this stage, an hour before the performance, the children are entertained by fairy-tale characters, parents take pictures of the children with these characters, and then, Santa Claus and his granddaughter Snegurochka come out to the tree.

Go to the room and accommodate children help counselors, animators. None of the kids, even the most bewildered and forgetful, will not be left without attention of adults, so parents can not worry about this. The guys sit down freely - places on the tickets are not indicated. All the time before the start of the show, small spectators have fun watching the good old cartoons of the New Year theme.

Give your child binoculars and a mobile phone. These items, put in a small handbag, will definitely help. Binoculars will be needed if your child is sitting in the back rows. Phone - a connecting thread with parents at the stage when the children leave the room at the end of the performance.

The show itself is always a new show. The script is written for modern children so that small viewers do not get bored. The performance is rich in choreographic numbers, the plot is always positive based on good, conquering evil. A special highlight is the chic scenery, cool sound and visual special effects.

The theatrical performance is divided into 2 parts, between which the intermission takes place. In total, the performance lasts about 2 hours.

The final stage of the event is the distribution of sweet gifts. Presentation is passing quickly - the organization is always at its best and does not cause any negative. Children change clothes with the help of the same animators: they are helped to find their things, take off their suits and put on clothes, shoes, put everything in a bag or bag. Also, the children go out in an organized manner - they will not leave anyone in the corridors of the palace after the performance. Parents are waiting for their kids near the Christmas tree in the fresh air, in the place that will be indicated by the organizers on the speaker.

Christmas tree in the Kremlin

Summarizes all the holidays the final event - the Christmas tree. Everything goes as usual: children's laughter sounds everywhere, music pours, the children dance near the Christmas tree. However, there are also features of the event, because young visitors are children from Sunday schools, children from orphanages, and children from large families. They invite here also those kids who found themselves in a difficult situation with their family, for example, underwent a long treatment and now need the kindest emotions in order to recover quickly. These children are invited to the Christmas tree with the permission of the patriarch.

His Holiness receives letters from ripples from all over Russia and makes his own decision, whose dream will certainly come true this year. The patriarch personally participates in the event: communicates with children, delivers a speech to the audience before the start of the presentation, presents gift certificates for children with disabilities.

Reviews about the Kremlin Christmas tree

Of course, the main tree of the country is an unforgettable event that will remain in memory for a long time. If you look at the different reviews of parents whose children were able to attend the grand show, it turns out that all the children are delighted with entertaining contests, various games that they play with them before the performance, beautiful scenery, and the performance itself rarely leaves anyone cold indifferent. Boring and uninteresting happens only to very young children who are unable to follow the plot due to age. What leaves an unforgettable experience:

  • entourage, all the decorations are fabulously magical;
  • funny fun before the start of the performance;
  • the design of the main auditorium;
  • a game of actor-children, their interaction with the audience, small spectators.

Cons, of course, also have. Most visitors are not satisfied with the large crowd of people, the inability of parents to help their children change clothes inside the palace and the difficulties that sometimes arise when they need to pick up children from the show due to the large crowds. Also, many unpleasant moments are caused by the fact that not everyone manages to sit in the central places in the hall, closer to the stage, because of which the performance is poorly visible even to adults, not to mention children.

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