SMS with 2020 Rat

There is very little time left before the New Year, so the cycle of pre-holiday troubles is gaining momentum. Careful preparation for the holiday allows you to especially feel the solemnity of the event, to feel the unusualness of these days. Often during the preparation for the New Year important moments are missed, for example, we forget to stock up with ready-made SMS messages with congratulations. When the celebration comes and you want to congratulate all your relatives, friends and colleagues, you either have to come up with a text in a hurry, or again in a hurry to find the right one on congratulatory sites, or even dispense with kind words to the addressee, which is really sad. To make the holiday go smoothly, don’t postpone the selection of Rats for 2020 with SMS, look through the congratulations collection right now and select the appropriate lines for everyone you don’t want to deprive.

Short SMS congratulations. Meet the Year of the Rat

The future mistress of the year, the nimble White Rat, is considered a special animal symbol among the other representatives of the Eastern calendar. Among her distinctive character traits is a strong attachment to the family. Focus on this feature of the ruling animal and wish all loved ones family happiness. All of your loved ones celebrating New Year alone have a high chance of finding their soulmate in the chimes 366 days following the fight. If someone in a quarrel and on a holiday has not reconciled, then recall that the Rat favors those who create their "nest", and not destroy it. Be sure to emphasize how important it is to keep a family in a world where there is so much disorder, mention that the symbol of the year gladly welcomes all family members and helps in every way.

Happy New Year! The White Rat runs to us, we hasten to meet her kindly, so that she brings us gifts: love and understanding in the family, success in business, a happy accident. Suppose that she accompanies us all year, evil drives away the tail, and brings good luck on the nose!

I hasten to congratulate the year of the White Rat! This animal is wonderful: generous and responsive. Make any wish and the baby rat will fulfill it!

Chimes have already sounded and our hearts filled with happy expectation! Let all our plans be fulfilled and all unnecessary be eliminated! May faith in the best grow stronger, and sorrows dissipate!

This year is unusual - the year of the Rat is pretty. Do not forget that she can hide, but remember that she will always help out if she needs to run away smartly! I wish in the year of the Rat that the family grows stronger, health does not bother, difficulties were perceived as trifles.

Funny and funny greeting messages for colleagues.

Well, if the family reigns and understanding. So it should be at work. To let your colleagues understand that you remember them and wish you all the best, send them a congratulatory message on the phone. It is not necessary to do this immediately after the chiming clock, it is better to devote these moments to the family, but a little later, when it becomes quieter, you can do congratulations.

It’s better to pick up SMS messages for colleagues soberly, so that you don’t be ashamed later!

The coming year is special. He is one day more than the previous ones. So let it be extraordinary in your life: the year when dreams become not an illusory way, but a real reality.

Now I wish you careless happiness

and the dreams of sweet-sweet and a hearty man,

let everything come true, but remember, my friend,

what tomorrow to replace, put on a boot!

Santa Claus is knocking on you! Open the door to him soon, get presents! Here is luck, here is success, choose any present!

Generous Santa Claus brought you presents! You don’t pull his nose, he’ll suddenly fall off, then he will be worse than a wolf - you won’t go anywhere! Better you appease him and give yummy sweets, and then the old man will give everyone a gift!

In order for Rat the mistress of the year not to be angry, she needs to be pleased: go happy to work, smile at the bosses, give compliments to all the gossip colleagues. And even less to drink, or even not imagined!

Beautiful SMS for women

It also happens that ordinary congratulations categorically do not fit - they are too impersonal, but I want to tell the person something special on this magical New Year's Eve. In this case, the best solution would be to come up with at least part of the congratulations yourself. For inspiration to finally come, read this collection!

The night mist was lit by salute volleys tonight. Bright and unforgettable. So you in my life - lit everything up, transformed it and gave it a meaning. I wish you to be a light in the night and enjoy it!

Today you are beautiful, like a moon surrounded by stars. I wish you to continue to be as mysterious, perfect and inaccessible, even if everything around is ice-bound, as it is on New Year's Eve today!

For a special woman, special wishes on the most unusual night of the year! I wish that everything that I didn’t undertake was possible, that the smile didn’t leave your lips, and that my eyes shone with joy and success, that my heart did not break from unfulfilled, and my legs were nimble and never tired!

Congratulations in SMS for men

Today everyone will bring gifts, but I don’t need them - I have you. The kindest, strongest and most courageous is all about you, dear. I wish you the very best: do not lose heart, cherish the love of life, always keep purity of thoughts.

On New Year's Eve, all the dreams come true only for those who sincerely believe in this and know that he has no shameful acts. This is just about you! Let the frost and snow remain outside the door, and the warmth of the souls of loved ones warms and amuses.

New Year's Eve will end soon, but I wish you never to forget about it and remain there alert, caring, sensitive, believing in good and miracle. Garlands will cease to shine, but for all there will remain a shine of your eyes - sparkle!

SMS for the closest in verses

If at the most important moment the mobile connection is overloaded and the message is not sent, remember that there are alternative options. No one will stop you from using Viber, Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp and other communication programs.

Words spoken from the heart, even if not at the right time, can touch even the most invulnerable and cynical people. Leave the past where it should be, in your memories, and open the door to the future with a pure heart. An SMS sent to a person who for some reason is not with you is a kind of nonsense that is forgotten as soon as the smartphone screen goes blank. But if you hit the strings of the soul, then this message will do a little miracle: someone will smile, someone will feel quiet joy, someone will want to dial your phone number.

Of course, there are few poets among us, but finding a beautiful poem suitable for New Year's Eve is a simple task. Send your favorite lines, to those whom you would like to hug, see, cheer up and let this good message be passed on and on, like a baton.

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