Where to celebrate New Year 2020: fun and inexpensive

You can not prepare for the New Year's Eve 2020. The usual shopping run in recent days, tickets bought in haste will allow you to celebrate the holiday, as always. But what if you think about the celebration in advance, come up with something interesting, fascinating, unusual. You can plan a trip to warm countries, to Europe, learn new places in Russia, come up with something new to celebrate the holiday at home.

Best ideas for New Year's Eve 2020

Someone loves loneliness, someone - a million friends. New Year is a holiday when everyone can find something to their liking. Staying home, meeting friends, going to a party or quest, going on a romantic or educational trip, organizing dinner in a restaurant or outdoors - there are a lot of ideas for the holiday. Mistresses in a month, or even two, will begin to choose the menu, decide what dishes to please the family and guests. In 2020, in order to appease the white Rat, there will be cheese dishes, a snow-white cake on the table.

You should think about the theme of the holiday in advance. It can be organized in a gangster style, imagine that all friends, family members are musicians, quest lovers, athletes, lovers or travelers.

Meeting the holiday with friends

Many love to celebrate the New Year with their friends. It is nice to get together again, see each other after a long separation, an eternal lack of time, running away from work, studying home and back.

On New Year's Eve, you can rent a cottage or a recreation center, organize a bathhouse, a festive dinner, quizzes, quests, a disco, a costume party.

Those who believe that leaving somewhere will be expensive can meet at home. A small room for a close company will create a feeling of comfort, warmth, friendliness. Cooking is not necessary for the owner - everyone can bring something of their own or even order a gala dinner. Light music, favorite movies, candlelight conversations will remain in hearts for a long time, like a warm, warming light. After the clock strikes midnight, you can run out into the street, light fireworks with your fingers through your fingers, ride a roller coaster on ice, visit friends in Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, fairy-tale and movie characters. You can diversify the meeting of the holiday with friends in night clubs. Here themed New Year's parties, competition dances will not leave anyone indifferent.

Celebrate with your family

Often many families live today in different cities, countries. New Year 2020 is an opportunity to get together, see loved ones, relatives, remember the past, share plans for the future. The feast is easy to organize at home, but if many relatives came to the meeting, nothing prevents you from going to a cafe, restaurant, ordering a huge table and having fun, talking, dancing until the morning. Do not forget about gifts. You can take them with you, ask the real Santa Claus to bring it right after midnight, or leave it at home under the tree so that tired, but happy family members will see a surprise immediately after returning from the holiday.

Those who live in their home are indescribably lucky. In the garden, in the courtyard near the cottage, you can decorate a tree with toys, lights, together wait for the arrival of Santa Claus, look for gifts or perform quiz tasks. And then treat yourself to drinks, festive food, sitting near the fireplace.

And do not go abroad?

An interesting option to celebrate a holiday is to go abroad. Israel, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Sri Lanka await lovers of winter warmth. Instead of a Christmas tree, a palm tree or other southern tree will be decorated here. This will not hinder the celebration of the New Year 2020 with a fun, noisy company to meet new people, enjoy delicious national dishes. The kids will have fun with the animators, nothing will prevent them from feeling like pirates and kings of uninhabited islands on a festive night. As for gifts - the fabulous Grandfather will not forget to bring them here.

An unforgettable meeting will be held at the ski resorts of Austria, Italy, France, Bulgaria. Adrenaline, beautiful nature, many new friends, the unusual color of hotels, local dishes will fill the celebration with unforgettable colors.

Probably the most amazing place to celebrate the New Year is Finland. With children, you can go to Lapland, visit the hometown of Joulupukki - as the Finns call Santa Claus. Other pleasures include reindeer sledding, an amusement park and an ice palace.

It is interesting to be in Prague on New Year's days. Garlanded streets, Christmas markets, old temples attract people from all over the world. As in many European cities, there are sales in stores during the New Year period, you can buy great things at great discounts.

Amazing in the New Year, the capital of France. In winter, Paris does not lose its grace and romanticism, and its streets are full of people, like in summer. The voice of the barrel organ also sounds, theaters hold performances, and fun festivities take place near the Eiffel Tower.

Where to celebrate New Year in Russia

It is not necessary to go far to meet the holiday; it can be noted in Russia. For example, the ski resorts of Altai, Irkutsk, Kemerovo region, Krasnodar Territory have been attracting lovers of skiing and snowboarding for many years. It has everything - beautiful nature, equipped tracks, hotels, restaurants. There are places for cross-country skiing, slopes for sleds, ice. New Year's banquets, fireworks are organized.

In Belokurikha, located in the Altai Territory, you can simultaneously receive spa treatment. In the Altai Mountains, enjoy the purity of the air of the mountains. Sheregesh of the Kemerovo region in winter resembles a real fairy tale. You can spend the first minutes of the New Year right on the track.

For those who love cultural holidays, an interesting trip will be to large cities of the country - Moscow, St. Petersburg. Visiting attractions on New Year's Eve will allow you to plunge into the unusual world of capitals, to see them in all its glory and solemnity. An interesting trip will be to the old Russian cities - Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Rostov, Suzdal. In winter, they turn into a fairy tale. And already on January 2, you can visit adult and children's theater productions, museum exhibits, walk around historical places.

There are a lot of options for celebrating New Year 2020. In order for the gala evening to remain forever in your memory, it is enough to choose the best one - stay with your family, go to friends, relatives, visit new or long-loved places in Russia or abroad.

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