OGE in 2020: compulsory subjects

From the article, find out about the main changes in the OGE 2020, which subjects will be required, etc. To begin with, the process of acquiring knowledge takes the maximum free time of schoolchildren, in addition, the results of their work must pass an appropriate assessment. If only a few graduates of grades 11 passed the USE a few years ago, now ninth graders are passing similar certification in certain subjects. In the 9th grade, it is necessary to pass the OGE, which also has its own characteristics, in particular its compulsory subjects.

Changes in passing the OGE in 2020

Since in 2010 in all Russian educational institutions they switched to an innovative education system, modern graduates received completely updated knowledge. Therefore, they need to be tested according to improved criteria. The program for these guys was completely different, so they will pass exams in all subjects according to high standards.

The key importance in the OGE 2020, will acquire skills, not theoretical knowledge. If earlier it was required to correctly indicate the date, formulate a definition, now we need to give a thesis with arguments, systematize the information.

Meta subject skills required in all, without exception, disciplines will be tested. These include: the skill of using reference books, communication literacy, reading within the meaning. Of course, the tasks of the previous model will be partially preserved. This will give continuity between generations, will allow for a comparative analysis over the years. The development of innovations has already touched seven basic disciplines, but they will still work on the rest.

Mandatory subjects of the State Examination in the 9th grade

At the initiative of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation increase the number of mandatory exams OGE 2020 for students in grade 9 to six. If earlier students had to take Russian language and mathematics, plus two optional subjects, now it has been decided to introduce the following subjects: 4 required, and two optional. By 2020, the number will increase to six standard final trials. All of them will be taken from the list of general educational disciplines.

Social Studies

A full-fledged person cannot be considered a competent citizen if he does not know social science. OGE will allow students to demonstrate the ability to solve creative tasks, perform tasks in practice. Just memorizing definitions will no longer help them, just as enumerating memorized concepts will not help. In 2020, tasks on this subject will be added, which involves working with photos. Children are given a photo, it is necessary to voice the discussion on the topic of its plot. The analysis of diagrams will become more creative; it’s not enough to simply parse them. It will be necessary to analyze in detail what exactly has changed, added, for what reason these changes have occurred. More flexibility in the CSE on social science will receive an assessment mechanism, because students will be asked to express a personal opinion, which gives more options.


It is unacceptable to move into the future, forgetting the past. Therefore, the OGE will receive innovations in the field of testing knowledge on history. The starting period of testing will be ancient times, the final - 1914. The blame for all new standards, dictating the study of the subject in a linear way. All events that took place before the 20th century are disassembled in grades 10 and 11. Prior to this, the scheme was concentric, that is, the upper classes studied the course of history concisely.

The range of skills tested on the exam will be seriously expanded. Previously, the guys chose the reasons for the reforms from the proposed list. But now they are required to clarify what triggered these changes. They will test the ability of students at the OGE on history, to compile facts to provide arguments.

When working with maps, it was necessary to calculate which era it belongs to. The current requirements are supplemented by the correlation of the map and the text fragment. You need to understand what a particular map displays, who is the author of the text, what event the passage is written about. Error analysis, selection of contextual information are saved. Plus included in the OGE issues relating to the history of not only Russia, but also other countries.


An innovation in biological OGE will be the field of ecology, which allows solving various problems. According to the format of the task, they will have schemes, and complex questions are needed to model a specific situation. It will be necessary to find key objects, highlight the connection between them. Most of the tasks will receive a connection with everyday problems, will illuminate the usual life of citizens. For example, you will need to develop and evaluate a diet, calculate the calorie content of food, and answer questions about healthy lifestyles. School biology simply gives facts, it is descriptive, does not give characteristic knowledge. The emphasis is on understanding the meaning, so that the child can make an experiment, realize the goals of the researchers, draw meaningful conclusions.


The search for the longest rivers and highest mountains will certainly remain in the OGE, and everyday, more everyday ones will be added to them. It will be necessary to work out a message from the media, give a location to the specified event, fix a point in space. Where, for example, did a meteorite fall: in Yakutia or Chelyabinsk? Many questions in 2020 will concern weather events, environmental changes, and climate. By receiving infographics and text containing data on water in Lake Baikal, the student will answer a number of questions. For what reason are the changes taking place? How to maintain the lake level in accordance with decrees of the Government of the Russian Federation?


OGE in chemistry will also come closer to everyday life, the practical aspects of life. It will not be enough to illuminate the terms and concepts, it will be necessary to show how they are applied in practice. For example, an advertisement for fluoride paste promises enamel strengthening, and in most cases fluorine acts as a destroyer. Children should be aware of when and in which situations substances have certain properties. Chemical literacy is increasing, and training is being given to handling chemicals. The key task will be a real experiment: to understand what is in vitro, to choose the right reagents.

ICT and computer science

Information technology in the OGE involves surrender to computers. Students must show how they use the technology, whether they can create a presentation, and whether they can use search engines.

Some adjustments are made to the OGE annually, and by 2020 the addition of compulsory items for delivery is expected. The standards of assignments, assessment indicators, and a chart of questions will change.

From the video, find out about what tasks for grades 9 prepared by FIPI for passing the OGE in 2020:

Watch the video: Commerce Data Advisory Committee (December 2019).