All Wanga predictions for 2020

Almost two and a half decades have passed since we said goodbye to the great clairvoyant, whose blindness did not interfere at all with knowing what awaits our humanity in the future. As soon as she touched the person, Vanga would tell, then it would be further with him - both ordinary people and high-ranking personalities were in a hurry to touch her gift. Also, a lot of her predictions are written about the fate of the world as a whole.

Eyewitnesses of the revelations of the prophetess, as well as her family, were able to fix a lot of prophecies for us, and their significant proportion relates specifically to the first quarter of the 21st century. Fortunately for us, she very clearly and unequivocally painted almost over the years what happened to us yesterday or is about to happen. She also found a place in 2020, which will soon be knocking on our doors.

Predictions for 2020

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Not surprisingly, in anticipation of the coming year, a significant part of earthlings want to know what awaits her in it? What trials and gifts did fate have for us? And, of course, we all address these questions to the most, perhaps, the famous Bulgarian, including.

What is noteworthy, Wang in his predictions in 2020 assigned a very special role - it should become a kind of Rubicon, a border that will mark irreversible and very serious changes for our planet. Well, without a long introduction, let’s try to turn to her words and bring them to our readers.

For Russia

In light of Wang’s forecasts for 2020 for the world as a whole, we can expect a worsening of the critical situation of the country's economy, due to the fact that the planet will begin to actively develop new energy technology, oil production will stop (“the earth will rest.” - author's comment), and Russia will lose the bulk of their income. The situation will be aggravated by rash decisions of the authorities, but this will not affect the position of the president: according to tradition, the people around him will rally even more closely.

Wars and cataclysms of Europe in Russia will not affect, but we should expect a spasmodic population growth due to refugees from countries where this catastrophe erupts. What will further shake the welfare of the state, since now is not the time for beautiful humanistic gestures.

Apparently, in 2020, India and China will enter a new phase of competition between the economies, as a result of which they will urgently need someone else's support. A new round of escalation of the confrontation on the world stage of the antagonist countries - the United States and Russia - will begin, as the Chinese, repelled by the States, are expected to reach the Russians, but the Indians will be taken under their wing by Uncle Sam.

Out of pleasant, Vanga said that next year the birth of several talented Russian boys is planned, who in the future will be destined to turn the tide of history, making an impossible breakthrough in the space industry. The result will be the discovery of a habitable planet, the organization of expeditions and colonization there.

For Ukraine

Specifically, in Ukraine for the year 2020, Vanga’s prophecies were made a little. She predicted that this would be a year of great changes for the country, in which the reformist president, who had recently come to power, would deploy his saving work. There will be reforms, and in just a year the economy will begin the path to its revival. Like the Russian territories, the Ukrainian will be flooded with refugees from Europe. However, the promised pandemic of these lands will not affect.

For the rest of the world

A literal quote, which can be interpreted as a prediction for the whole world as a whole, sounds something like this (adapted translation. - author's comment): "In 2020, the Earth will see someone who changes the course of things, with whom we will find peace and order." As you can see, there are few specifics here - biographers and interpreters of Vanga’s prophecies are still struggling with this phrase.

After all, it can mean, in fact, anything: from coming to power in one of the countries of the world, a strong leader who will unite the efforts of many states whose goal is to move towards progress and prosperity, until the emergence of a powerful non-political figure whose influence on the minds of humanity will be no less significant.

You can also meet the opinion that we are talking about the degeneration and gaining of new strength by some religious teaching, thanks to the appearance of his prophet on Earth. Or about the appearance of a completely new trend, which had not yet been heard.

The second two noteworthy phrases of Wanga was something about the invention of a new source of energy that would "eclipse the Sun", and that "that money will disappear and there will be numbers instead."

Both this and the other seem very plausible, since with regard to the first survey, they have been conducted for many years, and the rapid development of recent technologies is quite capable of finally leading us to the result. And 2020 here looks no worse than any other. As for digital money, the world is systematically moving more and more actively to the electronic economy, and it is very likely that this process will just be completed next year.

Another of her lesser-known prophecies was that in 2020, a monstrous religious conflict would break out in Europe, which would be unleashed by "pretending to be a victim and gaining strength." Apparently, I mean refugees from the countries of North Africa and the Middle East of the Muslim faith who "will destroy the old religious order of Europe."

There will be tremendous bloodshed, the European lands will be practically empty, and their appearance will change beyond recognition. Crowds of civilians fleeing the war will be swept by the neighboring countries left aside from it. Serious natural disasters will warm up the situation: Vanga foreshadowed abnormal heat in the summer of 2020, the drying up of small and critical shallowing of large rivers, the increase in solar flares, as well as the flooding of vast sections of land by seas and oceans.

The climate will undergo drastic changes, and there is nothing we can do about it. The cruel behavior of the sun will affect earthlings with an increase in the incidence of skin cancer - even to the repeating epidemiological picture. A pandemic native to Africa, whose mutated virus will be fought for several years, will also significantly destroy the world's population.

Past forecasts

Wanga's frightening number of predictions came true. True, at the initial moment, often, far from everyone understood what she had in mind, or her words were distorted and interpreted incorrectly. In a number of cases, only after years it became clear what happened exactly as predicted by the Great Blind.

In order not to be unfounded, let’s recall, at least, that she was able to predict the September 11 tragedy in the United States, the avalanche-like flow of refugees to Europe and the breakxit. It was on everyone’s lips that she knew exactly the date of her death.

Unfulfilled forecasts

Perhaps, the establishment of relations between Russia and Ukraine, which should have been completed by 2017, should be attributed to the unfulfilled, and precisely dated by past periods. Obviously, this did not happen, and it is unlikely that this will ever happen in the future, given the recent events in the religious sphere.

She also said that in 2008 there will be World War III using either biological or chemical weapons, resulting in an empty half of the world, and the death of four presidents will precede it. She also prophesied that after Obama, America "will not have a leader."

As we see, Donald Trump has already refuted this with ease. And, finally, the last of her most famous prophecies related to our recent past is to bring something that in 2018 they should have let go "by train to the Sun."

Facts from life

Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova (girlhood, married - Gushterova. - author's note) was born in 1911 in the Macedonian Strumica. She spent most of her life in Bulgaria in the village of Rupite, in the mountains of Kozhuha. At the age of 12, she received an eye injury, falling into the epicenter of the vortex, and finally lost her eyesight, since all surgical operations had no result, and the treatment was incomplete due to a lack of funds from her father, who was widowed early.

Before the war, the girl looked after her younger brothers and sisters and helped around the house as best she could, after having previously studied at the home of the blind in Serbia. Then she got married and moved to her husband.

The gift of the seer at Vanga opened at 16, and since then she has helped them to her family and fellow villagers. After the Second World War, her fame of the clairvoyant and the healer spread far beyond the borders of her native places, thousands of people were drawn to her to get an interpretation of her future.

The Bulgarian Tsar Boris the Third, Theodor Zhivkov, Leonid Brezhnev and other celebrities searched for her words. After the death of her husband in the 60s, the prophetess adopted a boy who had nailed to her house. She was even officially hired for public service, and a certain amount was charged for her visit, different for fellow countrymen and foreigners. The Great Blind died in 1996.

Despite the fact that 2020, according to the glories of Vanga, will be extremely sad and critical for our planet, let us still not lose hope for a better future and hope that life is just a chain of probabilities. And even such a great man as she could not, with all his desire, foresee and predict everything.

And besides, remember that even though most natural disasters people are not in control, what happens between people - wars, conflicts, enmity - we can change all this. And we are simply obliged to do this if we do not want to live in that frightening tomorrow that Wang prophesied to us.

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