Cartoon Trolls 2 (2020)

Having collected at one time one of the most enviable constellations of voices, the animated film "Trolls" from DreamWorks is just now actively preparing for the release of its sequel. The first part of the story about cute Tsvetan and Rozochka almost tripled its budget at the box office and was so warmly received by the children's audience that no one even thought that we would soon be pleased with the continuation of their story.

Justin Timberlake title single "Can't Stop the Feeling!" Then it was named the best song of 2016 according to the Hollywood Film Award and the Golden Globe, and in “Trolls 2”, of course, no less remarkable musical discoveries await us!

We can say about Trolls that they are very melodic, positive, and sometimes philosophical cartoons, with incredibly good messages, instructive, but unobtrusive. Bright colors that can delight any child and become an excellent antidepressant for an adult, however, you can’t call humor especially sparkling, although the tape has never claimed for the breadth and universality of the audience.

As for the comparison with other projects, let's say right away, such tedious songs as in “Moana” aren’t even mentioned, but with the graphics, we hope that they will catch up a bit, because in the first picture everything was at the level of four years ago “Dream Keepers” "and the third" Madagascar. "

Recall that the design of these lovely trolls was created by the Danish company Dam Things, which has been producing dolls with multi-colored hair sticking up since 1959. Once the founder of this brand, carpenter Thomas Dam, made a similar doll as a Christmas present for his daughter, and since then the characters have become iconic, starting a powerful franchise.


  • Release date: February 20, 2020 (Russia) / April 17, 2020 (USA)
  • A country: USA
  • Genre: animated comedy

So, the friends are saved, they forgot about the threat of the Bergens for a while and, in general, everything is fine, however, our cheerful little friends are still restless! The kids have a new Queen, they discovered a lot of superpowers and tempered character.

What awaits them next? Of course, a new round of exciting and endlessly instructive adventures, sweet, kind - in a word, everything is in the style of the first picture! And despite the fact that the specifics of the script, according to tradition, are kept secret until recently, some information from our editorial staff regarding the future plot of the second “Trolls” was found out.

According to some reports, the only troll in Creek did not return - a hidden secondary antagonist of history, who was the Calm Zen Troll and had a love interest for Poppy, until he lost his kindness after betrayal in favor of the Bergens, trying to save his own skin. He, like the Bergen chef, was ultimately defeated, but it is possible that this cowardly character will return to deliver a lot of trouble to the protagonists.

Camera crew and cast

He will continue the custody of the trolls in the first part of the franchise Walt Dorn, a well-known Hollywood animator who previously directed 12 episodes of “Bob Sponge Square Pants”, and also had a hand in creating the second and third “Shrek” and “Madagascar”. He will be helped by David Peter Smith, known for the same works, and who also wrote the scripts for The Underwater Brothers and The Powerpuff Girls. The screenwriters, like the first Trolls, will be Jonathan Eibel and Glenn Berger, who co-wrote SpongeBob, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Kung Fu Pandu, and others.

There is no doubt that Tsvetana will be voiced by Justin Timberlake, a popular singer and composer, actor, and producer. By the way, this type of work is not new for him: in 2010 the cartoon “Yoga Bear” was released, where he voiced Boo-boo, and in the third “Shrek” Arthur Pendragon spoke in his voice. The role of Rosette will again be given to Anna Kendrick, who previously released only one cartoon: "Paranorman, or How to Train Your Zombies," where Courtney voiced it.

Also in the sequel is expected the participation of Jamie Dornan (for him this will be the first work in the animation), Sam Rockwell (Napoleon Dynamite, Darwin's Mission), James Corden (Ralph 2, Emoji, Norm and Indestructible, all "Gruffalo", "Union of Animals", "Planet 51"), Full Borg ("Ralph 2", "Archer", "Boss Milkseeker", "Ferdinand"), Kunal Nayyar ("Sanjay and Craig", "Glacial period 4 "), Anthony Ramos, Kelly Clarkson, Karan Sony, Ron Fanchise and others.

Movie Facts

  • Trolls could be seen in the cameo of Pixar's Toy Story. And they in "Shrek forever" made Rumpelstiltskin "an angry wig."
  • DiC Entertainment returned to the theme of trolls twice: in 1992, a half-hour animated film "Magic Super Trolls" with the evil Raven, and in 2005 - the animated series "Trollz".
  • Reconsider Guardians of the Galaxy: Yondu has troll dolls in his “priceless collection”!
  • Two very popular video games were released with troll heroes: Trolls on Treasure Island and Trolls.
  • Since the 90s, there is a separate "boy" series of troll dolls "The Original Battle Trolls".
  • Video game reporters and podcasters, McElroy brothers, said they would be involved in the project.

  • The Trolls will become the fifth DreamWorks franchise after Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, and How to Train Your Dragon?
  • At first they wanted to release the film in April, but decided to speed up so as not to compete with the upcoming "Fast and the Furious 9".
  • Anna Kendrick and Flula Borg will collaborate for the first time since Perfect Voice 2.
  • It's funny, but the “troll” franchise completely repeats the release schedule of the “Beastman” parts by years.
  • The cartoon could be made with the participation of Mike Mitchell, but he preferred LEGO 2 to him.

At the moment, unfortunately, official trailers or teasers from the filmmakers have not yet been submitted.

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